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18 Янв. 2015 г.

New gopro

You shouldn't pay more for basic design features such as being able to use it on it's side..
Might not be up there with image quality compared to 'the big boys', but for the price, you can't go wrong. Smart Remote – Control your GoPro from up to 600’ (183m) away with the wearable and waterproof remote. HERO captures the same immersive, eye-popping footage that’s made GoPro one of the best-selling cameras in the world—all in a simplified package that’s accessible to everyone with an MSRP of $129. The only explanation from a business perspective I can imagine (be it extremely consumer unfriendly) is that they want to give 3+ Black owners a reason to upgrade to 4 Silver, and then another reason to upgrade to 4+ Black when it comes out next year with a screen. A totally re-designed internal audio system combines with a state of the art microphone to capture clean, high fidelity sound with 2x the dynamic rangeof previous models. For those who prefer to take manual control of their GoPro to maximize versatility and performance, we’ve expanded our professionally minded Protune mode to include Color, Sharpness, ISO Limit, and Exposure controls for both photo and video capture. Yes i like the sound of an improved mic (pun totally intended) but again this is a small step and low light has always needed attention. You can get many people to easily empty their pockets just with the promise of making one more cool. I guess they had to omit because probably it messed with the refresh rate of high resolution video on the Wi-Fi tethering of it.
And a new LCD BacPac provides improved touch and swipe performance when used with HERO4 Black. Whether you’re shooting the Milky Way or a campfire hangout, Night Photo and Night Lapse allow you to capture stunning images of ultra low-light scenes with customizable exposure settings of up to 30 seconds.
Designed with simplicity in mind and built directly into a rugged, waterproof housing, HERO captures high-quality 1080p video at 30fps and 720p video at 60fps.
Because of the city I live in I do think i have a stronger feeling about this that people who don't live in touristic areas. Or probably the screen might have brought problems with cooling during 4k recording and with the Silver it was enough to hold onto it. The new leader of the Afghan Taliban, Mullah Akhtar Mansour, calls for unity and says the group will continue fighting. Disclosure: PR is sponsored by companies and affiliate partners that display various advertising banners and links on this blog (see our Privacy Policy). The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
The new $400 GoPro session has just one button and is half the size of its predecessor - yet captures the same quality of video. HERO4 Silver includes a brilliant built-in touch display for those who value convenience and ease-of-use over the no-holds-barred performance of the HERO4 Black.
When enabled, a single press starts video capture, while a press and hold engages Time Lapse photo capture.
At very best you would describe this as a tiny evolutionary step forward from 4k at 15fps to 4k at 30fps. GoPro is committed to inventing innovative tools that make it easy for people to self-capture and share engaging and immersive experiences with others.

It gives me a feeling I would get if suddenly all elderly people would start using downhill bikes for grocery shopping. While there are technically better action cameras on the market, no other systems match the integration and support of GoPro.
Additional enhancements include improved image quality, low light performance, highlight moment tagging and an improved user interface that allows for easier discoverability and access to key features and controls.
As always, the GoPro App also allows for shot preview, playback and sharing of your favorite photos and videos via email, text, Facebook, Twitter and more.
Although the new camcorder may appear to have lower specifications than the firm's other options, GoPro suggests that its compact form coupled with a new dual-microphone system - designed to better handle wind noise - should appeal to customers intending to use it on a regular basis."We challenged ourselves to produce the smallest, lightest, most convenient GoPro possible," said the firm's founder Nicholas Woodman.
GoPro Studio makes it easy to import GoPro footage from your camera to your computer to create professional-quality videos. Conveniently mark key moments as they happen with the Smart Remote’s HiLight Tag button when paired with a HERO4 Black or HERO4 Silver.
All you have to do is replace the original GoPro video clips with your own favorite clips and the editing style that has made GoPro famous becomes your own. HERO4 Black and Silver share powerful new features that expand what’s possible with a GoPro.
HERO4 Silver delivers the same professional image quality as HERO4 Black less some of the higher performance video capture modes including 4K30, 2.7K50 and 1080p120. Also new to GoPro Studio is Flux™, a powerful ultra slow motion and speed ramping tool that enables the dramatic time-shifting effects GoPro has become so well known for. Expanded GoPro App support for HERO4 also includes support for HiLight Tagging while recording, as well as searching for tags during playback.
HERO4 Black delivers 2x the performance of its best-selling predecessor and now captures cinema-quality 4K video at 30 frames per second (fps), 2.7K video at 50fps and 1080p video at a blistering 120fps, virtually eliminating rolling shutter in most scenarios while allowing for time-bending slow motion effects. The dual microphone system dynamically switches sound recording between microphones to reduce wind noise during activities.
The omission of the screen (by far the most missing feature for anyone who uses a Go Pro regularly) from the top model (Black) is so insane from a management perspective that one has to wonder if Go Pro execs are permanently on drugs.
New BacPac accessories – A new and improved Battery BacPac provides almost twice the battery power over the camera’s internal battery alone.
HERO4 is available in two editions, HERO4 Black at MSRP $499 and HERO4 Silver at MSRP $399. Lightweight, ergonomic and durable, The Handler is perfect for handheld shooting during any activity. GoPro state the camera is rugged and waterproof to 33’ (10m), eliminating the need for a separate housing. HERO4 Black also features an entirely redesigned audio system that captures high fidelity sound with 2x the dynamic range of previous models.


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