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23 Июн. 2015 г.

Gopro hd hero2

Waterproof and almost indestructable, the GoPro HD Hero 2 is a great action camera for anyone that wants to record their sporting endeavours.
Steve Douglas When the original GoPro was introduced into the market it immediately filled a niche for a great many people who would probably have not gotten into video or whose budgets simply didn't allow for it. Twice as powerful as GoPro’s original HD HERO camera, the HD HERO2 enables consumers and professionals to capture and broadcast their lives most exciting moments in professional quality 1080p HD video and 11 megapixel photos.
If you're into outdoor sports and activities of any description, then the GoPro camera system provides an accessible and reasonably cheap way to record and share your exploits. In addition to much improved low light performance, the HD HERO2 can capture up to ten 11 megapixel photos in a ten second burst mode as well as automatic time-lapse photos with quick .5 second timing between photos.
Wearable and gear mountable, waterproof to 197′ (60m), capable of capturing professional full 170є wide angle 1080p video and 11 megapixel photos at a rate of 10 photos per second, the HD HERO2 is the world’s most versatile camera.
The Wi-Fi BacPac and Wi-Fi Remote are also compatible with the original HD HERO camera, but functionality is limited to remote control only. The HD HERO2 sells in three bundled-accessory configurations, each containing the necessary mounts for particular genres of use or activity.
If you don't have the original HD Hero, this is certainly a little camera well worth considering. The brand spankin' new Hero 2 isn't dramatically different, they just made everything a lot better. This is about the things that software can do now and guessing at what it will do in the very, very near future. It's compact, yet proportionate for this size of camera.The GoPro HD Hero2 Outdoor Edition Professional Kit and the Suction Cup accessoryThe HD Hero2 Outdoor Edition and the suction cup accessory arrived on Friday. About the author: Brian Mullin Brian has been part of the Mtbr team since 2007, where he has become an integral member of the review and test staff, specializing in technical articles. Famous for its globally best-selling HD HERO line of wearable and gear mountable cameras, Go-Pro spared no expense developing the HD HERO2. Many professionals in the video editing industry have grown with a list of programs as their reference for quite some time, but a new generation of users is not bound to the same names. The HD HERO2 features a totally new, straightforward language-based user interface that eliminates the need for instructions. This dramatically increases the success-rate when attempting to capture magazine cover quality photos during fast action sports and activities. If you have the original, then this is probably enough of an upgrade to make it worth selling the old one and grabbing one of these. Reminiscent of a 1950s spy camera, the HD Hero2 is just slightly wider than an iPhone, even inside of its waterproof housing."Objects in person are smaller than they appear"The kit I received to review was the GoPro HD Hero2 Outdoor Edition Professional kit with an additional Suction Cup for mounting on an automobile. GoPro’s HD HERO line of wearable and gear mountable cameras are used collectively by more consumers, professional athletes, and video production professionals than any other camera in the world.
Arguably the most versatile camera in the world thanks to its innovative mounting system, renowned durability and small form factor, the HD HERO2 surpasses its predecessor with several technology upgrades.
The kit came with various self-adhesive mounting clips for flat and curved surfaces, as well as two different kinds of helmet straps.

Whether your goal is to capture footage of a spirited rip through backcountry roads or you want to capture and study lapping footage to learn how to set a new track record, the HD HERO2: Motorsports Edition is going to be one of your favorite motorsports purchases of all time. Several years ago, at an NAB focus group, I showed Sony the difference in how Alexa saturates color with overexposure vs. Or, maybe I should say I showed them how Alexa desaturates color with overexposure: once a hue passes a point at or near middle gray in brightness, its saturation locks and it only gets brighter.
Note that I've not used the original HD Hero and I have nothing to compare this experience to, other than what I've read and heard from colleagues about their joys and frustrations in the past.
Anticipation…Last weekend I had a great time taking the new GoPro HD Hero2 for a spin and running it through its paces. He likes to push the limits in all the sports he obsesses in, whether it's mountain biking, whitewater kayaking, extreme skiing, or sport climbing. When it comes to editing and post-processing, some products are a reference in the market, but with so many new programs available, some FREE, the future may be different. I know this post has a clickbait sounding title, and for that I apologize, but I’m not writing this for click throughs or ad impressions.
The GoPro HD Hero2 is a rugged HD video camera that can take a beating and go deep underwater. That's okay, because this is not nor is it intended to be a round-up of every single camera Sony has available. Buy a GoPro HD Hero 2 Motorsports Edition and receive an extra aftermarket battery and polarized filter! This compact sports camera may be small in features but it is certainly HUGE on fun and opens your mind to a multitude of creative ways it can be used. If you're interested in camcorders, or even gadgets in general, it's impossible to ignore the GoPro HD Hero2. GoPro, HD HERO2, HD HERO & BacPac are trademarks or registered trademarks of Woodman Labs, Inc. Luckily for me, we got our first heavy rain here in Southern California in months and that means mud puddles! Half Moon Bay, CA (October 24, 2011) – GoPro today announced the release of its new HD HERO2 camera. GoPro cameras are used by more motorsports professionals, race teams and core enthusiasts than any other camera in the world. The GoPro HD Hero2 is an action sports stills and video camera housed in a tough case designed to be mounted on pretty much anything: head, chest, surfboard, car and even the odd balloon flight to the edge of space. The HD HERO2′s new processor delivers twice the processing power, taking full advantage of a new high performance 11 megapixel sensor that delivers more than twice the image detail along with professional low light performance.


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