Sjcam m10, white balance gopro,экшн камера с экраном.
08 Апр. 2015 г.

Экшен камера от сони

Running around with a huge handy cam, trying to get that all important footage whether it be birthdays, weddings, parties, stag and hen do’s. We recommend downloading and installing the latest version of one of the following browsers:Our site is not optimized for your current browser.
Easy-to-use menu system can only be accessed with the camera outside of the waterproof housing. The camera’s are great, the video footage quality is generally just enough to capture those memorable moments forever. Ranging from crafty experiments and audacious stunts to short documentaries, sports adventures and scripted short stories, the films celebrate creativity in all its forms and use Action Cams to provide unique new perspectives on the production process and the stories themselves. The size of this Sony Action Cam means it fits into any bag or handbag, the lightweight body means you can carry it around all day long and we would like to have one of these little bad boys to make our film footage with. Sony Action Cam has teamed up with a diverse range of filmmakers, artists and influencers to create a series of new films celebrating the “never before seen”. A Flagship with Many FlagsOn paper, the Casio EX-100 seems the greatest imaging device in the history of our species. The one Japanese electronics behemoth that was noticeably absent from the fray was CASIO… until now.

The magnesium alloy body and aluminum dial give the camera a very high-quality look and feel.
The FauxPro does lack some of its inspiration’s shooting modes and slow motion, but for most action cam needs it’s more than plenty.
Sony has changed up the form factor a bit, JVC and Ricoh have gone for full-on assault drop Space Marine armour (for the glory of the imperium of man!), and Panasonic went with the duo of innovative mounting option and first-to-the-market 4k for theirs. As such, to round out our coverage of the camera, we were happy to share her selfies and groupies.
Pressed metal tripod mount and latch on the bottom of the Sony Action Cam waterproof housing.
On a mobile phone, there are apps that makes the above tasks very easy for even the most non-technological minded of us all. Sure, she works for CASIO, but in truth she’s far more representative of a civilian than Mr.


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