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17 Дек. 2014 г.

Go pro 3

In reality what I find is that because the Ghost HD is remote controlled, I’m more inclined to switch it on and off and subsequently I get a good 2 hours+ extra battery life. The fact I can conveniently flick it on and off also means my editing time is dramatically reduced. This makes it extremely useful for capturing footage whilst out and about in everyday life.
This is a slight digression but I won’t use anything but these VacMounts for action cameras, which are bullet proof and beyond compare! The GoPro 3 is the market leader and I find myself desperately trying to find something that sets it apart but again its picture quality proves to be a let down. Because of its small size it can also be used in tight spaces where a bulkier camera will be awkward or unusable.
There are many uses for the GoPro outside of extreme sports, and we are sure you can discover many more. What becomes more interesting is the price and availability of spare batteries andВ how easy they are to swap out. Lastly, although the GoPro comes with it's own set of attachment systems and tools, they are specific to the brand.
Here is a great music video made on the GoPro, which looks like it might one day be the trailer for a POV feature! So the 3 cameras emerging as top dogs in that bracket are Garmins Virb HD, Drift’s Ghost HD and the market leading GoPro 3. Secondly, there's no screen on it, so you pretty much have to guess the framing and lighting of your shot, unless you shell out for a small monitor that connects to the camera wirelessly. Both are very similar but I’d probably give it to the Ghost because of its fantastic multi-purpose remote control unit.
To do this I am going to compare them in a number of critical areas with the only starting factor being that they must all be in a similar price bracket. When it was announced last year, the Hero 3 turned heads because it was smaller, had WiFi built in, and chief of all, it could shoot 4K with the Black edition.
When he isn’t daydreaming about daylight he watches films (well, duh!) reads a bit, writes a bit and plays Ultimate Frisbee a bit too seriously.
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In reality, if you crank these cameras up to their highest settings you eat battery life and memory cards and your action footage, if fast moving, just looks weird. If you have an image of balancing precariously on a ledge in driving rain while you flick open a compartment and slot in a fresh battery, think again because they are all fiddly to get to. I am an amateur film maker and my chosen subject is Land Rovers driving Green lanes on UK expeditions. The Virb is a relatively new product and the Virb HD replacement batteries are an eye watering ВЈ25 so you aren’t likely to pack 3 or 4 of them in your spare kit. For those with a larger, if not unlimited budget, the GoPro can be used to film from slightly more perilous positions. But since then, while GoPro has been busy imaging action sports in everything from the X-Games to the Grand Prix.

Elliot Grove, founder of the Raindance Film Festival, is fond of advising budding filmmakers not to buy a good quality camera. These drawbacks are minor however when compared to the smorgasbord of possibilities that the GoPro camera will provide you with.
The GoPro is pocket-sized, very, very simple to use and comes with a handful of useful features thrown in. The GoPro makes creating these videos very easy; it is simple to record footage and the quality is more than sufficient for internet video-players. When looking at the images you can tell that it definitely looks better, when just talking about its visual presentation.
Now so far this article has come probably come across as some form of subtle (or not so subtle) marketing, but it is worth noting that the GoPro is not without its drawbacks.
It’s low price and simple design mean that it is now easier than ever for someone to upload content.
Rough terrain, extreme weather conditions, impacts and even the occasional underwater dunking. James performs a plethora of tasks for Raindance; writing articles, editing the newsletter, managing Twitter, helping on courses, organising volunteers and running the script services are but a few of the ones he is allowed to tell you about. What I find consistently in the area of accessories is that almost without exception they are shocking. It is more than good enough for the functions listed above, but don’t hold out any hope of being creative with depth of field, focus, zoom or anything like that. Originally retailing for about $400, GoPro has dropped the price to $329, in what is believed to be a response to the action camera category becoming more crowded. For example, it can be strapped to the side of a car, or held over a precipice without too much capital being put at risk.
As the film industry spirals out of control a new model of independent filmmaking is responding to new media platforms. I guess you could say I have quite specific requirements from an action camera but crucially I think, my filming is about as severe a test as you can get. Even though the Black Edition is the original and most expensive one, including as the only one the Wi-Fi remote, there still though is a Silver and White edition available, which you should check out before buying, to see if that Black Edition is really worth the prize difference to rather buy these ones or not. We’re anyways looking forward to test the shit out of that thing soon hopefully and will keep you on track, so check back soon!
And a redesigned lens element allowed to get rid of the curve on the polymer waterproof case, which helped cause lens distortion.
Mobile phone and internet videos are increasingly popular; youtube hosts multi-episode series, the viral has become a powerful form of advertising, it has become very easy to add videos to blogs and more and more formal media channels are recruiting user created content. In comparison the bullet style, rubberised finish of both the Ghost HD and the Virb scream ‘ACTION! Tests indicate that, at what I consider the optimal filming rate for an action camera – 720 at 60fps, you get in the region of 3 hours of film time from all these cameras.


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