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19 Дек. 2014 г.

Камера 6 50 16

In order to show you how sharp this lens is, we are providing 100% crops on the following pages.
There are no hard stops at both ends of the range, making it a little more difficult to set focus at infinity.
The filter thread does not rotate on focus, making the use of polarisers and graduated neutral density filters that much easier.
At the 50mm setting, the angle of view tightens to 32°, which is equivalent to a 75mm lens on a full-frame body. While the Sony 16-50mm PZ has a plastic barrel, the lens mount is, thankfully, made of metal. In its retracted position, the Sony E 16-50mm lens is less than 3cm deep, making any Sony NEX system camera eminently portable.
The Sony E 16-50mm OSS lens has a power zoom control on the left side of the barrel (when viewed from the rear). In our opinion, the Sony 16-50mm PZ lens has a very pleasing bokeh for a zoom lens – but realising that bokeh evaluation is subjective, we have provided a number of crops for your perusal. In the absence of a lens hood, the Sony 16-50mm OSS power zoom is not particularly well protected against flare – and it shows.
This may not sound like a lot of time but such a delay might cause you to miss a fleeting moment – bear this in mind if you plan on using the lens for documentary or street photography.

In the image above, the sun is not in the frame – yet you can see an unhealthy dose of veiling flare as well as a fair amount of streaking.
The following image demonstrates how close you can get to the subject; in this case, a weather- beaten Compact Flash card.
In front of this control, one finds a more traditional focus ring, which can also be used for zooming when the camera is in auto focus mode. Chromatic aberrations, typically seen as purple or blue fringes along contrasty edges, are a bit of a problem with this lens, though not more so than with most other kit zooms. This was probably among the main reasons why Sony decided to develop a new, collapsible-barrel lens with a power zoom mechanism.
Small size and low weight notwithstanding, build quality is very decent for a (relatively) low-cost kit zoom.
The Sony 16-50mm OSS lens exhibits an unusually high degree of corner shading at maximum aperture, as demonstrated in the shot below.


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