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Liquid image ego обзор

Liquid Image does sell other mounts, but many of them just take advantage of the Ego's quarter-inch tripod mount, so there is no shortage of mounting options available elsewhere. Along with making it easy to travel with, the size and weight are definitely an advantage when it comes to mounting it.
Pull open its one rubber flap and you'll find the MicroSDHC card slot and Micro-HDMI and Micro-USB.
In addition to two of its own Hama models, the accessories specialist is also showing various models from the guest brand Liquid Image at the IFA trade fair in Berlin this year. They each have integrated LiPo batteries said to be good for 150-180 minutes of use, and provide a selection of mini USB, mini HDMI, and video output connectivity. Each of the two outdoor cameras also has a microSDHC card slot, a mini USB port and mini HDMI and AV outputs (2.5 mm jack). It would have been nice to have a second threaded mount on the back to allow for more flexibility in mounting, but that's likely not possible considering its size and the internal rechargeable battery. Snorkelling and diving masks, as well as ski and helmet goggles, have been equipped with integrated cameras for dual functionality. Get TrustedReviews' award-winning reviews, opinions and advice delivered to your inbox for free!
A small tripod is always helpful, but it’s a must-have if you want to film from a motorcycle, car or bicycle. Material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted or otherwise used without the prior written consent of Please enable JavaScript in order to view the email address.. Action cams from the brand Liquid Image will be broadening Hama’s product range in the foreseeable future. The company is debuting several action cameras, masks and goggles with built-in cameras, and a variety of mounting options that let you attach your camera to various objects including vehicles. Video quality is pretty pleasing, too, especially if your clips are just destined for online sharing. You don’t have to have one of those trendy outdoor cameras more and more athletes are carrying around to shoot an action-packed film.
With the Activity Pod line, Hama is introducing five new tripods to meet these requirements. Speaking of spending more money, the camera doesn't have any significant amount of memory for video, so you'll need to supply your own MicroSDHC card; it supports cards up to 32GB. Its Ego action cam, however, is meant for use in other sports where mounting is a better option than eyewear.
The Ego is a cute little thing, that's for sure, and it's available in five colors: blue, white, yellow, red, and black. The Hama Star Action Camera--despite not including a built-in LCD--is larger and heavier, at 3.4 ounces (95 g). Nor is more info yet available on the Liquid Image snorkeling mask, scuba diving goggles (in 720p and 1080p variants), and ski goggles. Unless you're into scuba diving or snow and offroad sports, you may never have heard of Liquid Image, which makes goggles and masks with built-in HD video cameras. Also, the app performance was a bit slow on my device, sometimes taking several taps to register selections. Nowadays, even the smallest compact cameras have built-in video functions that can record pretty good short films. We spice up our lives by motorcycling over winding roads, racing downhill on mountain bikes or skis, or even bungee jumping or skydiving for the ultimate thrill.
Then you select the Ego in your device's network settings, and they'll connect to each other.
Hama offers the Activity Pod TB 6 and Activity Pod TF 14 especially for attaching cameras to pipes and handlebars.

With the app, you can preview what you've shot, download clips for viewing or sharing, and change camera settings. Install the app for your mobile device -- iOS and Android versions are available -- and go to your wireless network settings. One button is for power and changing shooting modes, the other is to start and stop recordings, take photos, and turn on Wi-Fi. The remaining action camera is the Liquid Image EGO, and for this we don't yet have details.
However, as soon as it starts recording, it kicks you off Wi-Fi, so you must stop the recording with the camera. At the IFA trade fair in Berlin, Hama will present not only colourful little outdoor cameras that can be attached anywhere, but also various combination models.
But, if you're looking to do more than just stick a camera on something with an adhesive pad, you'll need to spend more money. And, its shooting options cover just the basics -- it's pretty much just a point-and-shoot video camera -- which is great if you just want to capture some video and move on.
That's not quite as wide as the 170-degree lenses on other action cams, but it's still plenty wide and has the fish-eye distortion that has become characteristic of the category.
Both include versatile attachment options and waterproof housing so that you can dive up two 20 metres with Daytour or even up to 60 metres with Star. The camera's Wi-Fi isn't on by default, but you just hold the shutter release for a couple seconds and it turns on. Single and triple shots, as well as continuous and interval shooting modes and an automatic shutter release, increase your options for creativity. Whether you’re racing uphill with your mountain bike or cruising through scenic routes on your chopper, you can still use an ordinary compact camera.
Also announced are five Hama Activity Pods, mountable camera platforms that let you attach your camera to pipes, handlebars, windows and windshields, and to a circular adhesive cup that can be mounted on a dashboard or similar.
There are a couple of exceptions, though, including a $40 underwater housing that's good down to 130 feet (the Ego is not waterproof on its own) and a body mount system, which can be used to strap the camera to your chest, leg, arm, head, or wrist for $30. You get a short Micro-USB cable, a single adhesive flat mount, an extra adhesive pad, and a snap-on protective face cover to protect it from minor impacts and splashes. The Bottom Line The egg-sized Liquid Image Ego wins on size and simplicity, but its features -- outside of built-in Wi-Fi -- are minimal.
The cameras themselves aren't waterproofed, but bundled housings take them down to 66 feet (20 m) for the Daytour, and 197 feet (60 m) for the Star.
It is, however, Wi-Fi-enabled, and Liquid Image has apps for iOS and Android, which, among other things, give you a live view of what the camera is seeing so you don't have to shoot blindly.
On the bottom you'll find the tripod mount and four small bumps so that the camera can stand on its own. Starting with the action cameras, there are three new models, although we only have details for two models.
Again, simplicity is its strong suit and Liquid Image made good use of the space that it had to work with.
A light on front confirms what mode you're shooting in by changing colors and will flash when recording. With Daytour and Star, Hama introduces two compact cameras that come equipped with a variety of impressive accessories.
From 3D-touting dual-lens behemoths to enthusiast-friendly models, here's our pick of the best camcorders on the market.


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