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05 Июн. 2015 г.

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For underwater sports, even when the screen is turned on the whole time, it doesn’t affect the battery life – capturing incredible underwater footages up to almost two hours.
While it may not be the most attractive action cam at the present, it brings out by far the most outstanding performance. Specially when used with the casing, the camera can still look brand new even after being submerged underwater, immersed in dirt and covered with mud, and even when dropped from relatively high places.
The structure and build quality is another plus point to add on all the beautiful improvements showcased by the silver edition.
One of the silver edition’s top features includes its touchscreen display that allows framing and reviewing shots more effortless. The Menu system is an ease-to-use and faster to navigate – no need to scroll through the menu, choose a desired setting and exit, then do the process again and again.
Overall, the GoPro HERO4 Silver Edition is great for high-end action enthusiasts who want pro-quality cam footage and for everyone who desires to upgrade their old GoPro cams to the silver edition.
HiLight Tag: Tag important moments while recording for easy playback, editing, and sharing. Its built-in screen not only makes playback much easier, but its positioning also brings out an easy and natural-feeling to frame any shots you desire.
The HERO4 Silver produces precise and realistic videos, capturing at 1080p60 and 720p120, adding a 12MP photo shoot at an astounding 30 frames per second.
The advanced imaging comes with a 12MP sensor and a lens – both made specifically to shoot in low light situations.
However, the silver edition is the first in line to feature a built-in touch display that offers extra convenience when framing shots and reviewing content – just tap and swipe the screen and you’re all set. And the last is a waterproof case that has a touch capability, but can only be used to three meters.
Launched early in October 2014, the GoPro HERO4 Silver Edition camera is among the three new line of GoPro sturdy cameras built for action and extreme sports. On the brighter note, this edition shows greater improvement in terms of transitions between grim light and shadows – producing less faded and more dynamic images than the Hero3+. Night Photo Lapse: Customizable exposure settings up to 30 seconds for single and Time Lapse Photos.
It is well-appreciated by most reviewers and users because of this advantage, making it stands out among the other GoPro Hero models. The camera can be tiny compared with other action cams in the market, especially without its casing.

While all GoPro models come with various mounts and accessories, the silver includes three new housing backplates that fit perfectly on the camera’s touchscreen. Compared with the previous models, you need to attach your camera to a detachable display or connect it to a smart phone. Improved Camera Control: Advanced and new dedicated button enables quick access to camera settings while its simplified menus make navigating settings easier than ever.
Although most accessories of Hero3 and Hero3+ work smoothly with the Hero4, it can be terribly depressing in the name of advancement that the batteries don’t. Through the remote viewfinder playback, you can actually playback in real-time what was being recorded earlier. The lens seems to protrude a bit so you must be extra careful carrying or using it without the housing. You can also highlight important moments – not necessitating to view every footage back just to have the good one.
It offers a maximum of 1080p HD resolution that can reach 60fps, capturing slow-motion sequences, which goes far beyond the expectation of any sport-photography enthusiast.
Product Description Launched early in October 2014, the GoPro HERO4 Silver Edition camera is among the three new line of GoPro sturdy cameras built for action and extreme sports. Ultra Wide-Angle Glass Lens: Allows an engaging and immersive footage of you and your background. The silver integrates versatility and exceptional capture with the handiness of built-in touch display. Considering all of its improved features at a cost of only $399, GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition is absolutely worth buying for.
It also features electronic video stabilization capability and motion-compensated temporal filtering – both of which produces spotless image quality. GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition’s key details and features say it all – what you see is what you get.
Its breakthrough features include HiLight Tag, which enables you to mark significant shots for easy playback, editing and sharing – as well as QuikCapture that lets you to power on the unit and start recording from only a single button press. High-Performance Audio: The new audio system captures clear-cut, high fidelity sound and almost double the dynamic range.


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