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14 Июл. 2015 г.

Gopro app

When I ski, I like shooting in the 4:3 aspect ratio to increase my chances of capturing the best shot. Teaching my dad how to navigate the new HERO4 menu was especially difficult since he could only read it if the screen was right in front of his face (thus preventing me from seeing anything). The Black Edition also has 30 percent longer battery life, Wi-Fi that is four times faster for interacting with an iOS device or the included remote control, and a new "SuperView" mode that captures an immersive wide-angle perspective. He carries around a big camera & likes to write about tech, startups, parties, and interesting people.
Currently, if you want to record with the camera upside-down, you need to select a setting that flips the orientation to record right-side up.
As bandwidth and compression algorithms improve, and as 4K devices become cheaper, these problems will slowly start to disappear. With the HERO3+, I felt like I was about to break the housing every time I forced the backdoor on and off.
Still scenes, slow pans, tilts, stable tracking shots, and time lapses are great examples of when 4K really shines.
I always felt that adding a camera orientation detection feature that auto-adjusts orientation would solve this problem.
And having a hands-free approach can be especially important if you’re doing something really cool (or dangerous) and you can’t have 100% access to the camera. I’m not entirely sure how a backlit screen would affect battery life, but I think it’s worth exploring. If I were a Product Manager at GoPro, here are a few changes I would suggest for the next version.
The HERO4 Black is an extraordinarily powerful camera that has transformed the way I record my life’s most exciting moments. I frequently scroll past the option I want to change because I’m rushing through the menu list (my friend is about to hit that sweet jump!), forcing me to scroll all the way through to reach it again. It doesn’t matter what you want to do, any modifications to the settings can easily be controlled through your phone or tablet. I hate when I accidentally pass by the option I want to change and need to scroll all the way through the menu to reach it again. During activities like skiing, removing the camera can expose the inside of the housing to snowflakes, which adds moisture and can fog up the case when you close it back up. The newest version of GoPro App adds compatibility with the company's just-announced Hero3+ line of cameras.
It allows me to share my experiences with others in a way that photos or video captured with another device simply cannot replicate. That’s a bit lengthy, but if it means sharing an epic powder run in full HD resolution, then I’m all for it.
I am by no means a professional videographer, but I’ve loved learning how to manually control the camera by using ProTune. Especially if GoPro wants people to use their camera in low light settings (which, judging from their press and new launch video, it seems like they are). The Hero3+ Black Edition features a new housing that is 20 percent smaller and lighter than previous models, and comes with a waterproof case rated down to 40 meters. So even if you’re watching a 4K video, you likely aren’t getting any better picture quality. What would be fascinating is if you could also preview what you’re recording right from the iOS device as well. It gives you access to the company’s Photo and Video of the Day channels so that you can see what other “rad” stuff people are doing. Not only that, GoPro could include a music bank of 15-second audio clips that users could automatically set their videos to. The HERO4 features a new menu that’s more intuitive to navigate compared with that of the HERO3+. Replacing the backdoor was very difficult, and I watched many others struggle with it as well. Hero3+ owners can see previews in near real-time, and they can also control camera settings, including SuperView, Auto Low Light, and 2.7K Medium FOV video. I've had my Hero 3 Black since Dec last year and have not had a whit of the battery problems mentioned above, either with the in body battery or the Battery Bac. My only issue was the first one only lasted for two months because of a problem with the magnetic switch that turned it on.
But for several reasons, I tended not to shoot in 4K, and it’s worth explaining these reasons to understand why 4K might not always be the best option.
Settings are now linked to what mode the camera is currently in, which cuts down on the number of button clicks needed to find the setting you want to change. This was an expensive purchase, proving that the HERO4 Black is really meant for professional users. But there could be an option to select a 15 second clip within a file (similar to what Instagram does), in order to limit the file transfer size. When there’s not much motion occurring in the video, image quality loss isn’t too noticeable.
In addition to achieving higher image quality, shooting in 2.7K allows me to crop the image on a 1080p editing timeline without losing any quality. GoPro recently announced plans to release a firmware update to the HERO4 Black and Silver that includes a higher frame rate for 2.7K. It was hard trying to determine which one I wanted last year and even HARDER trying to convince my wife to approve the extra expense of the more expensive model. The one (small) downside is that you now have to take the camera completely out of its housing in order to access the battery compartment. The app isn’t just for your camera, but is also a mini-network that connects you with the GoPro Network.
This is an impressive addition, and when used in the right way, it can produce amazingly high quality video.

What is worse, is that GoPro has been on a campaign to actively remove poor reviews from Amazon using a malicious 'clause'. Cold weather conditions also decrease battery life, so being on a ski mountain didn’t help either. If all of these features were available in-app, I would prefer this on-the-go method of editing and sharing to editing video on my laptop 95% of the time. GoPro on Tuesday announced the availability of its new Hero3+ line of cameras with lighter design, new video functions, better optics and longer battery life, as well as an update to the company's iOS app that allows for remote viewing and control.
If your goal was to give me a headache trying to figure out the difference between the black and silver editions, mission accomplished. So instead of trying to improve their product and fix the issues to keep customers happy they have gone on to bury poor reviews to keep their brand name.
The setting is buried in the menu, and since I frequently switch between filming right-side up and upside-down, navigating to it every time is pretty annoying. Should GoPro choose to implement any of the features I suggested in my Wish List, their next camera will surely blow this one away. This is because the processor works harder to process more information being captured by the image sensor.
To fit through current bandwidth pipes, a 4K signal is often compressed to the point where it can actually look worse than a good 1080p signal.
I understand that file sizes coming out of the HERO4 can be huge, especially when filming in 4K or with ProTune on.
The addition of manual control settings in ProTune further proves that the HERO4 Black targets professional users. Because there are now so many video and photo capture options, this was likely a necessary modification. I frequently need to replace batteries, and often dropped the battery compartment door of my HERO3+ during a swap-out, so this redesign was a welcome improvement. Their latest model, the HERO4 Black, is a truly professional grade camera that produces stunning quality video. On the housing that came with my HERO4 Black camera, I find backdoor replacement to be much easier. GoPro, the cool camera you see people wearing on their head when they’re doing something outrageous like base jumping or whatever, has released a mobile application that will enable you to better control your camera without needing to take it off and make adjustments. In a future post, I’ll discuss some of the improvements GoPro could make to its accessories, packaging, and website, as well as propose some adjacent product lines GoPro should consider getting into.
Altering things like ISO and white balance was not possible with the HERO3+, and understanding how these settings affect the image has helped make me a better filmmaker. Outside of these performance-related issues, there are a couple other considerations to keep in mind when filming in 4K. The HERO4’s battery life is already dismal, and since I only had one spare battery on me, conserving battery was a high priority. To achieve this, the camera uses compression techniques to reduce the amount of information it needs to process, which results in some image quality loss. The new GoPro Hero3+ line features a number of improvements over its predecessors, most notably in terms of design.
It also takes up more space on your hard drive once you transfer your files to your computer.
I’m always frustrated when I take an awesome video, but can’t share it real time in a high quality format on my iPhone. As an addition to the 15-second HD clip feature above, it would be nice if the GoPro App had a simple slow motion option that automatically converted high frame rate videos to 24 or 30fps.
So their quality control is poor. Look their videos they edit and create with professionals are fantastic. The GoPro app only gives me an option to download videos in a low resolution format, which look grainy when I post them to Facebook or Instagram.
The HERO4 battery compartment is built into the bottom of the camera and features an attached quick release door that makes battery swapping much easier. That means 4K video takes up 2x as much space on your micro SD card than 1080p video, effectively cutting your recording time in half. The HERO4’s new image processor now lets users record 4K video at a usable frame rate of 30fps, versus 15fps with the HERO3+. But for people filming in more remote areas who can’t offload their files, this should be something to keep in mind. The decreased recording time wasn’t a huge issue for me, since I was transferring all of my videos to my laptop at the end of the day.
Some might not be feasible due to constraints I’m unaware of, but none of them seem too far-fetched. However, for the 4K video, it needs to process four times as much data because the image is four times as large!
As I mentioned earlier, adding a physical “Back” button (or scroll wheel) to the camera would vastly improve menu navigation.
Since 30fps is currently the highest frame rate offered in 4K mode, and slowing down 30fps video produces choppy playback, recording in 4K simply wasn’t an option for me.
Yet, while the HERO4 is a big step up from the HERO3+, it still leaves many features to be desired.
The image processor in the Hero3+ is twice as fast as the Hero3, and the device can capture 1080p video at 60fps and 720p video at 120fps. Here is my newest video, shot mostly with the HERO4 Black during the Chicago Booth ski trip to Vail, Colorado.


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