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21 Май. 2015 г.

Экшн камеры sony

The Sony Action Cam is also the consumer camera that is so technically evolved that it can be used to make a feature film.
The 4K capabilities of the Action cam gives you 170 degrees of glorious frame to capture the most sprawling landscape in one shot. As a matter of fact, that is what Sony did with Never Before Seen, a set of films made with Action Cam.
If you decide to take your Action Cam on a speedy adventure, your filming remains smooth and with stereo microphone and wind noise reduction, your production will sound clear too.
See the three films below and  pick up your own Sony Action Cam for the things you just have to share. You might hear video camera and think oh, another video camera, but the Action Cam is so advanced that you would question ever saying that about any Sony product going forward. Advanced Steady Shot in Sony’s Action cam prevents vibrations in your films from nerves or as intense as a radio controlled helicopter buzzing away.
In the midst of things, we also may be excited about the subject we are capturing and our hands get shaky.

Sony remains on the cutting edge of all things digital.  We are already aware of the incredible innovations they have made in home audio, digital gaming, media players and cameras and the Sony Action Cam is another step in that direction. Complete in the Sony Action Cam is high quality 4K imaging with vivid realism allowing the camera to capture dynamic scenes as well as subtleties like splashing water.  Even when you have a great shot, sometimes your frame is not wide enough to capture the glory of what you can see with your eyes. If the daredevil in you likes to share areas of interest with fellow daredevils, Action Cam can share your location and other GPS data with an attractive readout you can layover your video when you edit. Working with Ryan Dzierzek, Studio NOS, and Charles Young they produced three films that show what the Sony Action Cam can do. So if nature rains on your parade, IPX4-Class Splashproofing helps you keep right on filming. Even if you are a solo photographer or want to film a group thing, you can use Action Cam’s wrist mounted Live-View Remote that lets you control and monitor what you’re filming from over 16 feet away.


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