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31 Май. 2015 г.

Экшн камера 360

But Banta says he got valuable user feedback from the campaign that will influence the final design. The Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, for example, could allow viewers to look around as if they were actually in the video itself. Unfortunately no information on pricing or worldwide availability has been released as yet for the 360 Fly, but as soon as information comes to light over the coming weeks we will keep you updated as always.В For more information on the new 360 Fly action camera jump over to the official website for details.
The design is pretty attractive too, and at 9-ounces, it’s light enough to mount on a helmet without feeling too weighed down. The 360 Fly action camera is fitted with a single-lens 360 degree horizontal and 240 degree vertical fisheye lens, providing users with the widest field of view on the market, say its creators. The Geonaute, designed to be mounted to a piece of sports equipment such as a helmet, uses three different wide-angle camera lenses to create a 360-degree horizontal and 150-degree vertical view of the world. But tech pundits declare it’s the most market ready considering it was supposed to hit shelves this spring. As an added bonus, GoPro owners will find many of their accessories to be compatible with the Geonaute.
A tetrahedral design, this camera boasts 190-degrees of vertical view with shipping set to start in August. The future of adventure filmmaking lies in full-on 360-degree video, or at least that’s what Bill Banta believes.
Connecting the camera and companion application via Bluetooth technology to provide a handy viewfinder and remote controls directly from your smartphone screen. Many 360 cameras promise to be as easy to use as a GoPro, and might even change the way we watch video, making entertainment a more immersive experience. What I like about the Geonaute is that it seems like the most complete and market-ready 3D video sports camera on display.

With some 360-degree cameras capturing up to 240-degrees of vertical as well, botched shots will be a thing of the past, and stories won’t be limited to what the people holding the camera see in front of them.
Those who register to pre-order will be eligible for a free $40 accessory set and free shipping. A new 360 degree action camera in the form of the 360 Fly as this week successfully navigated its way through the FCC, hinting that it will soon be available to purchase commercially in retail shops and online. The new crop of 360-degree cameras all work similarly, stitching together video from several small cameras.
And should you decide you want a single POV, CENTR lets you enable just one camera, so you don’t have to shoot in 360 all of the time.
The future of adventure filmmaking lies in 360-degree video footage, at least according to a handful of ambitious inventors. The device patches all of the shots together in real time, so the video will be ready to share on a smart phone or computer immediately. The GoPro sports camera was the star of my Harley-riding father’s Christmas last year. Certainly 360-degree photography is nothing new – recent Android devices are capable of creating 3D photospheres already.
The pilot and avid skier is the CEO of CENTR Camera, one of a handful of 360-degree cameras due out in the next nine months that promise to revolutionize how we capture video. It’s capable of recording video in 2048x1024 (2K) at 25 FPS and taking photos in 4K ultra HD.


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