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14 Янв. 2015 г.

Eye of mine gopro

In our testing 35' was the max length before we lost signal (note the extension may not work on all portable HDMI monitors).
Note: You many not be able to add any more length to the HDMI cable due to the fact that the micro HDMI cable is very small lacks the high specs. We are also offering an optional permanently installed USB power cable which is for power only. They also have a 3D underwater housing ($199), but the modified flat ports are quite small and will vignette at full wide, underwater.
Left to right: GoPro Dive Housing, Backscatter Custom Housing with Flat Lens (and removable filters), and Eye of Mine flat port housing with filter. Relatively beautiful colors but you have to spin up the camera for about 20 seconds for the auto white to stabilize. The cage is really nice, since water pressure compresses the housing and the clip often opens up.
Backscatter’s Custom GoPro Underwater Housing ($119) is well made and includes a glass lens and removable filter mount.
Now a great looking underwater housing that can't accept filters (unless you unscrew the port and put a gel inside). Since Eye of Mine released their flat-port housing, many other manufactures have followed suit, the most notable being Backscatter, an underwater-imaging speciality store in Monterey, California. One nice feature is the included protective lens cap, which snaps on and off with a satisfying click.

I've found the filter supplied by Backscatter sends the GoPro way into the green underwater. I remember their original housing was marketed as "even shoot underwater" until everyone pointed out it wouldn't actually focus underwater. I've sent e-mail to backscatter asking the lastest status of the GP divehousing filter; unfortunately the still can't confirm when it will be released. As far as I know, the Eye of Mine 3D housing is the only flat-port 3D solution that does not vignette at full wide. I guess I'd summarise it - that GoPro are excellent on the camera tech, but I'd rather trust underwater specialists (like Backscatter) to make it into an underwater system. I currently don't have an underwater housing for my GoPro, I was waiting for the final details of the official GoPro one to be announced, but I have now bought a Backscatter one.
Unlike the third-party modifications, the GoPro Dive Housing’s lens is rectangular, which makes the housing just a bit more bulky. Anyone who has used a GoPro 2 will tell you its WB only operates between narrow limits - read is crap (basically UW footage quickly becomes blue).
Even if you use lights, it can really help to use filters unless you are right on top of your subject or using massive video lights.


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