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There is no electricity, but I will be somewhere there is power about once a month, and I could keep a laptop there. I want to be able to read documents (PDFs) and books, take notes, and take pictures and video. Actually, Whitman must envy what Dell is attempting to do: get out of the PC clone race to the bottom. Compared with last year's first quarter, worldwide shipments of PCs are down 13.9%, the "steepest decline ever in a single quarter". But a 17% rebound in the stock price can't be explained solely by a collective sigh of relief when the actual numbers aren't as bad as the CEO had led everyone to expect.(In its earnings release, HP still calls itself "The world's largest technology company". Children pumping water from a village well in Zimbabwe: technology can help track drilling for water. In a corporate blogpost titled Windows 8 at Six Months, the company proudly claims to have "recently surpassed the 100m licences sold mark for Windows 8." This is an interesting number. A quarter ago, MS announced it had sold 60 million licenses, meaning that only 40m were sold in the last three months. We'll have to touch bottom before we bounce back…'"Following the script, HP CEO Meg Whitman called 2013 a "fix and rebuild year".
I guess they think smartphones and tablets aren't "technology", but PCs and printers are …)As quoted in a VentureBeat post, Whitman thinks that the other US PC maker, Dell, is in no better shape:"You saw a competitor, Dell, completely crater earnings," Whitman said in response to a question.
The GPS connectivity allows you to track your adventures and include the location metadata in the image files. Because PCs make half of Dell's revenue, getting out of that hopelessly commoditised business would cause trouble if done in public. And also: Intel buys mobile chip firm, China hacks Australia and US agencies, LulzSec hacker in court and BitCoin gets angel fund. To take a thorough look at what changes have been made, you can head on over to our first look of the Olympus TG–860.

As with most connected cameras, the WiFi connectivity will allow you to easily pair the camera with smartphones via a dedicated iOS and Android app.
Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers partner's annual presentation also digs into smartphones, tablets, social media and China. In particular, those who buy HP shares must believe that the company will sooner or later exit the PC clone business.
Material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted or otherwise used without the prior written consent of Please enable JavaScript in order to view the email address.. The desktop and laptop machines we've known for more than three decades may no longer be the sole incarnations of our personal computing – our affection, time, and money have shifted smartphones and tablets – but the PC will continue to live in our offices and homes.Regard Lenovo, the Chinese company that seized on IBM's PC business when Big Blue decided to exit the race.
Aesthetically, the only difference you’ll find is the addition of a new function button that can be customized to control designated settings (and the movie record button can now also be customized). The most notable addition to the TG–860 is the addition of WiFi and GPS connectivity.
For Microsoft, the bet is that the company will artfully manage a smooth transition to higher Enterprise and Entertainment revenues and their fatter margins.I'm not in fond of the "Post-PC" label, it lacks nuance and it's premature. I am a PhD student about to go and study in a remote area for a year, and wonder what technology to take with me. The app can remotely control the settings of the camera, transfer images and even let you use your phone as a liveview device.
Investors want to believe that future earnings (the ones they count on when buying shares today) will come from "Post-PC" products and services instead of being weighed down by shrinking PC volumes and margins.


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