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08 Мар. 2015 г.

Action camera iphone 5

Of course, you're then relying on the video capabilities of the phone itself, which might not be comparable to dedicated solutions, but it's definitely convenient, and at $80 (or $60 for the point and shoot version), a whole bunch cheaper. If you fancy getting your phone in on the action, you should be able to do so starting April 1st. Miveu rolled up to CES and revealed its latest offering that incorporates a wide-angle FOV lens (much like the Mophie) along with a chest mount strap, updated to fit the latest phone from Apple (they launched one to fit point-and-shoots, too). Simply position your Hitcase or Hitcase Pro where you want it, then tighten down the the giant wing nut and it all locks in place instantly. Bless this Stuff claims no credit for any images featured on this site unless otherwise noted. Removing the lens completely reverts the iPhone camera back to it’s standard field of view.
With the upcoming release of the GoPro app for iOS and Android, you will be able to fully control and live preview video on your smartphone or tablet. Hitcase embraces this trend with the Hitcase Pro, a waterproof and shockproof case for your iPhone with a wide angle lens. You can find the complete review of the GoPro Hero3, including the full details of this shootout in the source link below. If you own right to any of the images, and do not wish them to appear here, please contact us and they will be promptly removed.
We've seen rugged cases for iPhones before, even those that claim to give it action-cam credentials. When it comes to video, though, the GoPro Hero3 is the undisputed winner, dominating its rival in all but stabilization categories. With eight flexible adhesive prongs, the StickR mount is perfect for helmets or other uneven surfaces. We spent a lot of time and effort perfecting this seal and feel it offers the best protection for your iPhone.
The wider angle certainly makes the footage look more like what you might be accustomed to from a GoPro or similar, and serves the dual purpose of protecting the one on your phone at the same time. Miveu is also keen to point out that its solution means you can capture that sports footage, without having to bring another device along. Combined with Hitcase’s free iPhone app, Vidometer you can record GPS, speed and elevation data right onto your action sports video.
The GoPro Hero3 action camera was launched about a year ago and has gained some serious traction among extreme sports enthusiasts. The combination of a ruggedized case with a wide lens effectively turns your iPhone into an action sports camera like the GoPro. You can remove the wide angle lens or reverse it, turning the lens into a macro lens for close up shots.

With two ball joints and a single tightening clamp in the socket arm, you can easily loosen both axles of movement at the same time.
The lens component, however, is likely the main attraction, as this is what turns it from a regular phone case, into an action cam facsimile. The choice is yours.  The versatile Railslide mounts offerinfinite adjustment capability making these mounts perfect for mounting on a variety of helmets and sports gear. Unlike other cases which only have one water seal our ShockSeal incorporates two seals in it’s design for added protection against water and dust. The comparison looks appropriate considering the fact that the iPhone 5 is still one of the more capable smartphone shooters around.
The choice is yours.  The versatile SlideRail mounts offerinfinite adjustment capability making these mounts perfect for mounting on a variety of helmets and sports gear.
In the above score chart you can see that when it comes to stills the iPhone 5 does better with exposure and contrast and produces more accurate colors than its rival. It should be noted though that the Hero3 can capture high-speed videos, which appear less shaky visually even if they aren’t as stable. We are fans of the GoPro cameras and realize how popular they are among sports enthusiasts. Combining a rugged build with some serious video capture credentials the Hero3 has got the attention of the folks from DxO Labs, who have done their set of scientific tests on it. The mount also has a tilt-and-pivot mechanism meaning you can flip the camera through 360 degrees, or angle it more directly towards the action. Our suction cup SuckR mount is a rugged metal, marine-grade mount that securely attaches to any smooth, flat, non-porous surface including windshields, windows and two-way mirrors. The ChestR mount provides the perfect body mounting solution for your Hitcase or Hitcase Pro. Continue controlling and framing your videos in watery or dusty environments knowing your iPhone is fully protected. With the Hitcase’s many compatible with GoPro® mounts you can use the Hitcase not just as a rugged controller for your GoPro you can use it as a secondary camera to capture additional exciting angles for your sports videos. The strap part seemed well built, and the guys at the booth had to wear them all throughout the show, so if nothing else, that's testament to how comfortable they are. As a fun experiment they even decided to compare the action camera to that of the Apple’s iPhone 5 and see which one does better with stills and videos.
Obviously, without too many moving parts, our impressions are based largely on the quality and feel.


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