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Fdr x1000v 4k

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As long as you have a Ustream account, the Action Cam can send footage over Wi-Fi for viewing online. Apart from using your smartphone as a remote viewfinder, the PlayMemories Mobile app also has another function designed to automate the editing process. In addition, they showed off two standard HD handycams, the $300 HDR-CX440 and the $230 HDR-CX405.
There's built-in image stabilization and the camera offers exposure compensation and white balance control. The multi-camera control "watch" (although a touch ugly, effective) and stabilization are great features to set these apart. While you can see some of his footage here (and subsequently feel bad about your own lack of skateboarding skills), Hawk shared a few of his top tips for using the camera:Hawk prefers not to use a helmet cam mount because it can give a strange, static perspective.
For more info on the cameras announced, check out the links below, or head on over to the Sony CES site here.
Using data from the gyroscope, action in the frame, colour and smile detection, the pulls out what it thinks are the best moments and automatically stitches them together into a video with music. Instead, try mounting it to the front of a skateboard to give a wider view of what's behind you, and still get you in the frame.
Using Wi-Fi and 4K recording I averaged around 50 minutes of use before the battery was blinking. Called Highlight Movie Maker, it automatically pulls in footage from the Action Cam and uses your smartphone's processing power to create a social-media ready montage. Sony hasn't significantly changed the front element of the default waterproof case since the AS100V. Also, with beach use, sand can get trapped in the waterproof case which makes it difficult to open.Conclusion The X1000V is a strong step forward for Sony, building on the success of the previous Action Cams.
If you need high bitrate recording and image stabilization (at 1080p recording only) then this is the camera to go for. Still, it's much better than non-stabilized video especially for high action situations.View full gallery (13 Photos)Still images from the X1000V are good, especially if you're only ever going to display them on the web or social media.
The Bad Menu response times when tweaking settings on the camera can be slow, while the lens casing gets smeary and droplets clings to the front when you shoot in and out of the water.

Compared to the GoPro, the Sony image has a lot more contrast to it when using the default picture profile, though you can set it to a flat profile which is called neutral. Because of the high resolution, you can crop into the centre of the frame for the sharpest portion of the image, and still come out with an HD result. If you want to download and watch this sample footage outside of YouTube, you can grab it from the Vimeo page via this link.Unless otherwise stated, all footage was taken on default exposure and white balance settings, with the picture profile set to vivid. As a result, if you are shooting in and out of water and not using a remote viewfinder, you may not notice that these droplets affect footage until it comes time to watch it back. Sony rates the battery life at 115 minutes with continuous recording for 1080p, and 50 minutes for 4K. The stabilization system is very effective, but footage can look a little bit jarred at times.
You might also want to do this if you want to mitigate the effect of camera shake, as the built-in image stabilization is not active in 4K mode. The app will also be able to control up to five cameras at once, though this is only available in version 5.2.
Images magnified to the full 8-megapixel resolution aren't all that clean -- there is some noise and detail smudging. To reinforce the action credentials of the X1000V, Sony has enlisted champion skateboarder Tony Hawk as an ambassador.
When using the flat profile, note that the camera does tend to blow out highlights in high contrast situations. You may want to adjust the exposure accordingly to make sure no detail is lost for the editing and grading process. The Bottom Line Sony's X1000V offers power and performance in a package that goes head-to-head with the GoPro.
The new 4K Action Cam will cost $500 (or $600 with a live view remote) and shoot UHD up to 30fps, 1080p up to 120fps, and 720p up to 240fps. On the topic of image stabilization, the comparison below shows the difference between stabilized footage on the X1000V and the unstabilized footage from the GoPro, both taken while walking. And again we see a manufacturer reducing the data rate just because the frame rate is reduced.


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