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03 Май. 2015 г.

Hero 4

The HERO4 Black is a powerhouse action camera that doubles the performance of the previous GoPro (yet again). On the video side, the Silver will be able to capture 4K at 15fps, 2.7K at 30fps, 1440p at 48fps, 1080p at 60fps, 960p at 100fps, and 720p at 120fps. Instead, there will be two models: the HERO4 Black (shown above) and the HERO4 Silver (shown below).
Users will be able to control the camera, frame shots, and review content simply by tapping and swiping the screen. While the specs on this are a underwhelming, there's still potential (especially for the 2nd gen). No I believe what he means is that there should be a disclaimer, a warning that these are professionally trained people, as it might look like it's advertising, kids buy our camera and go do like and look as cool as these people. Definitely.Props to the GoPro marketing team for getting all these blogs to post this "news" though. It should be 100% accurate, as we were given access to product photos and full spec sheets.
For still photography, the Silver will match the Black with 12 megapixel photos at 30 frames per second. Other accessories to be announced alongside the HERO4 include: a blackout housing that gives your camera a matte black finish for stealthy and low-glare shooting, a removable battery pack that gives your GoPro more juice, a dual battery charger for juicing two packs simultaneously, a wearable waterproof remote, and a grip that keeps your camera afloat. We haven’t heard anything in terms of pricing and availability, but our source tells us that the official announcement date for the GoPro HERO4 cameras will most likely be October 8th, 2014. There will be new manual settings for both photography and videography — controls such as color, ISO limit, exposure, and more.

On the front of the camera is an ultra-wide angle glass lens, and the camera can be set to three different field-of-view settings: Ultra Wide, Medium, and Narrow. The rumor mill is abuzz with speculation, but we have the first full scoop on the GoPro HERO4. As many have reported, the two big features that are appearing are 4K video recording at 30FPS and a built-in touch display. The resolutions and frame rates we published earlier were only a subset of what will be available to users. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HiLight Tag, QuikCapture, waterproofing) are pretty much the same as the HERO4 Black. Regarding the issue of backward compatibility, the Black and Silver will both be compatible with all GoPro mounts and accessories.
Lots of production companies have an arsenal of GoPros available- having a few of these would be nice.
The Black will capture 4K video at 30 frames per second, up from the 15fps of previous GoPros, allowing for extremely high-quality footage that’s much more usable for a wide variety of applications. For still images, you’ll be able to capture 12 megapixel photos at 30 frames per second.


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