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07 Апр. 2015 г.

Экшн камеры contour2

Once you've tweaked things, the app also does simple sharing of the results directly to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo.
Like its predecessor, the +2 shoots video at up to 1080p and 120fps, though that max frame rate's only available at 480p resolution. The +2 stores clips on an included 4GB microSD card, but it can also stream live video using the mini-HDMI port round the back. In addition to shooting in four different HD modes including 1080p, the Contour+2 also shoots 120 frames per second in 480p. Share beautiful 1080p HD video with speed, distance, and elevation across the social networks you use most. With a huge variety of mounts to choose from, as well as the included waterproof case, the Contour+2 will work virtually anywhere. Featuring even better video quality, an Instant On-Record switch, and a 60-meter waterproof case for those underwater adventures, the Contour+2 will bring your stories to life like never before. Use your mobile device to preview your shot before and while you’re recording, as a remote control, or to tweak your camera settings in the field.
We’ve used our roster of top-notch athletes in the world’s most diverse conditions to help us test and fine-tune the sensor in the Contour+2, which features our highest quality action video, ever. The latest Contour ROAM2, with water-proof design, you can shoot deep one meter in the water, do not need additional waterproof case. We took our most coveted features from the ContourROAM and the original Contour+ and created a camera that is not only easier to use, but brings an entirely new perspective to your adventures. The new model has also been real-world tested and proven by Contour's roster of professional athletes and film partners in the world's most diverse conditions, ultimately fine-tuning its sensor to improve the overall sharpness of the image, the speed at which the camera adjusts for fast lighting changes, and the underwater video quality. Simply slide the Instant On-Record switch into its locking position to ensure you shoot exactly when you’re ready.

The Contour+2 provides beautiful HD video with overlays for speed, elevation, and distance, so what you share to Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo just got a lot more interesting. Naturally, the camera comes with a waterproof case, for filming in hostile environments, and a couple of adhesive mounts, so you can get those super gnarly POV shots. Show full PR text NEW CONTOUR+2 CAMERA OFFERS A NEW PERSPECTIVE IN ACTION VIDEO With New Data Feature to Enhance Facebook Sharing SEATTLE, WASH.
Additional features include: Rich data - Unique to Contour, a GPS receiver allows users to capture and share a different perspective, providing beautiful HD video with overlays for speed, elevation, and distance. At the same time, Contour ROAM2 can shoot still image capture, has nine different intervals. Contour's built-in Bluetooth technology enables users to line up and preview shots before recording or press record from their phone while the camera is already mounted. Users can simply slide the Instant On-Record switch into its locked position to immediately start capturing video. GPS is onboard to track the location and elevation of any epic runs, and you can add a map of your route with speed and distance data and edit your videos using the free Storyteller app for PC and Mac. Just over a year later, Contour has released the Contour+2 camera as the follow up to its Contour+ model. Built-in laser level to obtain the correct angle, Locking Instant On-Record switch that makes sure users can the get perfect shots.


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