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Экшн камера drift hd170

For the first time ever, everything you are looking for in a wearable camera is included in one small package, enabling you to start recording as soon as you open the box, without having to search out mandatory filming accessories. Not only that but we've heard that Drift Innovation will be releasing a 1700mAh battery sometime in the future, so you could be looking at some serious battery life. The camera also has input port for an external mic, for those shoots that require a bit more audio concentration. It comes with a strap to put it around your wrist, on handlebars or wherever else you may want it.
Boasting a user friendly design, the HD170 has a fool proof control panel, providing large buttons for things you need, eliminating unnecessary buttons to keep the body slim and streamlined.
Which isn't a huge deal considering the competition doesn't even have a remote to begin with. And if our recommended systems do not fit your needs, we will put you in contact with the right vendor to find the best solution. While the Drift HD170 is not the first wearable high definition camera, it certainly is if we are talking about one with a built in LCD screen and a speaker so you can preview your shots right after you take them. Having this thread on the camera opens up a world of opportunities for mounting as you can attach it to suction mounts and roll bar mounts.
The HD170 runs on a new 1100mAh battery which can provide more than 4 hours of record time under the right conditions. It would be nice if the HD170 was able to record 60FPS in 720p, it really is a neat feature and the competition does include it. Since we use helmet camera systems in addition to selling them, our reviews result from actual day-to-day experiences with the products.
I\'ve used my ContourHD while riding on my ZZR400 through Okinawa in some rather ridiculous downpours - it\'s not waterproof, but it has held up in some nasty conditions. Audio quality is also much improved over it's predecessor and we really like the fact that it has an external microphone jack, which can be very handy when trying to capture great audio, especially in a high wind situation.
While their website does list 720p as a lower-resolution option, it also indicates 1080p as the maximum resolution. One of the first features that you’ll notice when taking your new HD170 out of the box is the 1.5" screen. You can expect to record around 15 minutes for every gigabyte of storage space on your memory card. The manual with six languages already on it and the language on the camera can be changed easily in the menu settings. The helmet mount is designed to fit onto a helmet or smooth surface such as a bikes fairing. It makes it a dream to change menu settings and camera functions it also enables to set up your mounts correctly without trial and error and to review your footage on the spot, without needing a computer or external monitor. With previous narrower angle cameras it was difficult to gain perspective of the speed that you were going because the lens only saw the track in front of you.
The addition of the RF remote control gives you the ability to mount the cameras anywhere and remotely start and stop the camera from up to 5 m (15 feet) away. He lives in Edmonton, Alberta, where he spends a lot of time going over the handlebars of his mountain bike, hanging out in off-leash parks, and wishing the Pacific Ocean wasn't so far away. The headstrap can also be used together with the goggle mount whenever you don’t have a helmet with you. Just in case you’ve managed to read this far down the review without being able to understand English, you would be pleased to know that the instruction manual and the cameras menus are multilingual.
If you're looking for a camera that records in stunning HD, has an LCD screen and a remote, and has amazing battery life, look no further. I have used a lot of POV cameras and this looks to be the best combination of features yet. Also, to phill, \"Waterproof up to 0.5 m.\" technically means that it\'s splashproof - kind of a confusing system, I know! The lastest release by GSM Outdoors in the Epic Stealth Cam range has 1080p and a 168 wide eye lens.
The only other issue we have with the camera is the fact that the remote is not waterproof.
The quality is deplorable- way below anything I\'ve seen with a supposed \"HD\" resolution. The Drift HD170 is the latest and greatest camera from Drift Innovation, the company who previously brought us the X170.
It helps you reduce bulk of excess equipment by providing the ability to shoot 5 mega pixel still images in single or photo burst mode.
There is a rubber pad on the inside of the mount to keep it steady and it can be tightened into place with the lock-screw. There are many systems out there, but the ones we recommend provide exceptional quality and services for the best return on your investment. Where as we could rarely get 2 hours out of the X170 with AA batteries, the HD170's 1100mAh battery pack lasted just over 4 hours! Drift Innovation claims it's because of the added screen size, which is understandable, but it still seems like it could have been a bit smaller.
Rolling shutter is the effect you may have seen that causing things to look wobbly and elastic when there's a lot of motion in a video.
Because it works radio frequency (as opposed to infra-red) it doesn’t need line-of-sight to operate which just make life all that much easier. We’ve valiantly tried to cover the various makes and models as they’ve come out, and they’ve all had their good points and their compromises.

We found that having a screen on the camera itself is a seriously useful function to have for two main reasons; firstly you can line up the best angle when mounting the camera so that you don’t get home after a long day out expecting to see brilliant videos only to find that you have been filming blue sky all day. Helmet Camera Central is a resource designed to help people find objective and pertinent information about helmet camera systems. Amongst the features this thing offers, the most important differences I can see with the Drift HD170 would be the external mic input, remote control, and manual iris control. The HD170 can also be hooked directly to your television for FULL HD playback with the included HDMI Cable; and because it is Mac and PC compatible, hooking it to your computer with the included USB cable for editing is a snap. We are also here to answer your questions and help you choose a helmet camera system that meets your needs.
Other upgrades include a lithium ion battery pack as opposed to AA batteries and support for up to 32GB SDHC Cards.Read Below for a full review of this awesome new camera from Drift Innovation.
It is slightly heavier but the form factor more than makes up for it and not having it stick off the top of your helmet catching tree branches or looking silly is worth a lot. However you don’t really need to look further then your HD170 box for all the mounts that you might need. This adapter is a quick release adapter which is used to attach the camera to each of the mounting options in the box. The screen is still there with all the same controls, making it easy to adjust settings and review footage. Other nifty features include an external microphone input, manual iris capability, and a low-light mode. So blow your mind each time you revisit your triumphs, in true 1080p HD resolution and impress you friends and family with more than just a story.
Mountable to pretty much anything your mind can fathom, this wicked little system comes with a multiple mounting options including; handlebar mount, goggle mount, helmet mount, head strap, velcro strap and a universal mount.
Since 2005, we have reviewed numerous helmet camera systems with an unbiased and objective point of view. This means you can mount the camera in whatever orientation works best (sideways, for instance), then just swivel the lens around to straighten out the shot.
I hooked this badboy up to my 50 inch plasma via the included component cables and it simply blew me away! This gives you the flexibility to mount the camera on either side of your helmet and on top while still being able to have an upright image by simply twisting the lens around. There are breaks at the main positions that will hold the lens steady once you have found the angle that you want. This camera is designed with smart, real life use features to capture all of your crazy adventures in the highest possible recording quality.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. While this feature will make your footage look kind of fisheye-ish, it’s entirely appropriate for action videos - the more that your audience can see in both the foreground and background, the more immersive the viewing experience. We said it in the review for the X170 as well, but the screen really does make things that much easier.
An experienced freelance writer, videographer and television producer, Ben's interest in all forms of innovation is particularly fanatical when it comes to human-powered transportation, film-making gear, environmentally-friendly technologies and anything that's designed to go underwater. This truly puts the speed in perspective and is the way forward for point-of-view cameras.The rear of the camera houses the back hatch which, when opened exposes the USB slot for downloadingvideos to your computer and charging the battery. The Drift HD170 is equipped with a fully rotatable 170 degree wide angle lens, which allows you to set up crazy mounting angles and still get a straight shot. Suddenly you can film from unimaginable places, with awesome angles than you ever thought possible - all in fluid HD clarity. There is no need to doubt the strength of these sticky pads, just make sure that you have them in the correct place before sticking them down as it’s really tough to remove but you don’t have to worry about your paint. Paulgo, Ed- I am thinking you guys woke up on the wrong side of the bed today or you have never actually used a helmet camera. Global SMT & Packaging magazine for electronics assembly and advanced packaging professionals. The ability to line up shots precisely, then check on-site that everything worked, are essential to shooting the kind of wild-n-crazy videos for which actioncams are designed. We can't recommend the HD170 enough, build quality, video quality, waterproof, remote control, it has it all!
It can also continuously shoot 5mp stills, comes with an assortment of mounting options and has a remote control, so you can start and stop recording even if the camera is mounted in a hard-to-reach place.
On the underside of the HD170 there is a built-in steel quarter inch thread (8mm thread) which is the standard thread on most cameras. Helmetcams, lipstick cameras, action cameras - whatever you call them, there’s something endlessly fun and fascinating about tiny, rugged video cameras that can be mounted just about anywhere, put through all sorts of abuse, and then proceed to output first-person videos that put your viewers right in the action. It's a little on the large size, and while it does look pretty bulky in pictures, it's not quite as big as it looks (it's pretty thin).
Helmet Camera Central was born as a result of our helmet cam experiences from our video consulting business, Two Brothers Video. Secondly, and more importantly is watching your videos on the screen straight after you’ve come off the slope, track, or water with your mates!


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