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24 Июн. 2015 г.

Экшн камера gopro hero3 silver edition

We took the world’s best-selling ultra compact camera and made it better because we’re relentless in our pursuit of delivering the best possible user experience to our customers. In addition to being the best-selling camera globally in consumer markets*, GoPro’s HERO3 camera has also been the best-selling camera to professional production companies, on a volume basis.
In addition, GoPro announced several new mounting accessories that further enable immersive content capture during any activity. Mounts and accessories are key to enabling the life-capture creativity of millions of GoPro customers around the world.
Камера HERO3+ представляет собой еще более оптимизированную версию прошлогодних камер GoPro HERO3, по словам разработчикам, новая экшн-камера стала на 20% меньше и легче, время работы на одном заряде аккумулятора увеличена до 30%. GoPro makes the world’s best selling and most versatile cameras, enabling people to capture immersive and engaging footage of themselves during their favorite activities. С его помощью можно управлять видеокамерой с пульта дистанционного управления, через планшет или смартфон, имеющий платформу Android или iOS.
GoPro has enabled a new era of self-documentation whereby people can now easily wear or mount miniature ultra wide-angle GoPro cameras to record themselves doing just about anything, anywhere. У камеры есть несколько разъемов, защищенных от попадания пыли тугими прорезиненными колпачками.
Perfect for kids ages 3+, the Junior Chest Harness is great for capturing immersive footage of a child’s world from their perspective—from skiing and skateboarding to slides and swings.
GoPro is enabling people to capture and share life experiences in a way that was never before possible. SAN MATEO, CA (October 1, 2013) ­­– GoPro today announced the availability of its new HERO3+ line of cameras, featuring a 20% smaller and lighter design and 30% better battery life than previous models.
При такой панорамной съемке дисторсии немного заметны, но картинка выглядит очень естественно в отличие от изображений широкоугольных конкурентов. And we thought up exciting new features like SuperView, which enables the world’s most immersive wide-angle video.
While HERO3+ cameras and accessories make it easy to capture incredible footage, GoPro Studio 2.0 makes it easy to edit and share incredible videos. The result is a surge of immersive user-generated and professional content made possible by the versatility and affordability of GoPro’s cameras and accessories. Prior to GoPro, it was very difficult for anyone to capture content of themselves doing anything without having the help of someone else to film them. GoPro is the world’s 2ND largest camera accessory brand* thanks to its industry-leading line of wearable and gear-mountable accessories.
Killer soundtracks are included and all the edits are stylishly timed to the music by GoPro’s famous production team. New to Studio 2.0 are GoPro Edit Templates–customizable templates of some of GoPro’s best videos made available for free to users.
We saw that we could make the HERO3+ significantly smaller and lighter while at the same time increasing battery life 30%.

В целом параметры видеосъемки такие же, как у всех видеокамер линейки HERO3: White Edition и Black Edition Adventure. It’s as easy as picking out a GoPro video you like and dropping your own GoPro clips into the pre-made edit template.
We are always excited to see what GoPro is working on next,” remarks award winning producer, Mark Burnett.
Jaws securely grips irregular shapes and super slim objects thanks to its innovative design.
We saw the opportunity to design a sharper lens, so we did it–improving GoPro’s already highly regarded image quality. Такой минимализм очень удобен, если приходится осуществлять видеосъемку, совершая при этом опасный трюк или маневр.
Часто пульты дистанционного управления полезны только на расстоянии 5 – 10 метров от камеры. GoPro has allowed us to capture and share fascinating new perspectives that previously weren’t possible or were too costly, which in the end makes for better story telling.
GoPro’s HERO line of wearable and gear mountable cameras are used collectively by more consumers, professional athletes, and video production professionals than any other camera in the world.
Кроме увеличения характеристик и уменьшения размеров, увеличилась и стоимость устройств, так за GoPro HERO3+ Silver Edition придется отдать около $300, а цена GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition достигла отметки уже в $400. These upgrades, combined with an improved lens and convenient new video capture modes, produce the most advanced and easy-to-use GoPro, yet. Use the optional opposable neck to achieve a wide range of camera positioning and adjustability. These are all features that we as passionate GoPro users want for ourselves, and we’re excited to share them with our customers around the world,” said Nicholas Woodman, Founder and CEO of GoPro. The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences recently awarded the HERO3 camera an Emmy for its contributions to filmmaking and television production. All other company, product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their rightful owners.
Компания GoPro представила новое поколение экшн-камер с коммерческим названием GoPro HERO3+. GoPro наделал много шума еще в октябре 2011 года, выпустив революционную видеокамеру HD Hero2.
The QuickClip enables ultra-compact, low-profile mounting to baseball hats, belts and other objects ranging in thickness from 3mm to 10mm.
Now anyone can easily create professional-looking videos, making it more fun than ever to GoPro.


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