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30 Апр. 2015 г.

Gopro россия

Every single scene of the montage was shot using dozens of HD capable GoPro video cameras, mounted in and on the Focus, as well as on the trees and the skiers. After killing some cones in an old Ford Sierra, in Hungary, Ken Block goes much further east, in order to shoot a promo clip for action camera manufacturers GoPro, who call themselves the makers of "the world's most versatile camera." The aim of the video was for Block to "kill" as many cameras as he could, while driving his custom rally Ford Focus through the frozen woods of Russia.
Video equipment manufacturer GoPro hired Ken Block again to showcase the filming abilities of their products.
Ken Block took his Ford Fiesta and an unnecessary amount of GoPros to drift all over Mother Russia. The location is set somewhere in a remote snowy Russian region, where Block made a show with his high performance rally Ford Focus, as he battled with the snow, raced along with some skiers and tried to take out as many cameras as he could.

He is also one of the DC Shoes co-founders and he competed in other sports including snowboarding, skateboarding and motocross. If you have just landed on Earth and Ken Block doesn’t ring any bells for you, he is a professional rally driver with the Hoonigan Racing Division (known as the Monster World Rally Team).


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