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12 Фев. 2015 г.

Gopro hero3 android

The (almost) live view is very useful on a smart phone though (I use an iPhone 4) as you can at least frame up the shot and decide which zoom level to go with. The GoPro App also gives you access to our Photo of the Day & Video of the Day channels, that keep you in touch with the latest radness from The GoPro Network. The Silver and White Edition Hero3 models will now work with Android as well, which didn't support any flavors of that camera when it first came out.
However companies like teradek are getting lag in the millisecond range over wifi compared to the 5 or 6 seconds of lag on the hero 3. The 4k and 2.7k modes are missing from the selection screen, as well as some of the other supported sizes and frame rates. Selections could have easily been place above or bellow the screen allowing for a larger viewing frame. Basically they transcode the video to a compressed format on one side, send it to your device then transcode for playback.
An update to the app was released last night so I will be testing it out today and let you know if they’ve made any improvements.
You'll want to update the firmware in all three models of the talented shooter before trying to use the app, according to a tweet from the company, which will let you in on all the live preview and remote control goodies we saw earlier.

That’s because there is so much delay between what the camera is seeing and what the tablet is displaying that I was easily able to photograph the tablet before the screen caught up with the action. The app offers the same features as the iOS version which was launched a few weeks ago, including live view, remote control, and the ability to work with up to 50 GoPro cameras simultaneously. Also when you try to press the 1080-30 selector at least on my device it would jump back to 960-48 as soon as the menu closed.
It looks like the GoPro app is half baked at best, the promo videos seem to promise a lot of features but as of right now you’d probably be better off buying the touch screen or using the hdmi output.
Older generations of Android devices may experience inconsistent video streaming frame rates. Once framed up, swap the control off the smart phone onto the remote button and you that then switch on and off at will. You do however get full preview until you hit the record button, which is better then nothing I guess.


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