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26 Ноя. 2014 г.

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Pilot Olympia balsa kit is the first of its kind easy to assemble balsa kit for electric flight. Well arrived home at 2:00AM, and really surprised that all the box's was already in home, everything arrived well not broken and in good conditions, please keep the contact of this shipper for my future order delivery, fast and nice. I am not at home actualy but my neigbour had well receved my parcel yesturday.I will tell on french forums you have great reliability and service. Futaba 10J Radio is a T-FHSS AIR-2.4Ghz radio system designed with programming parameters for AIRPLANE, HELICOPTER, GLIDER and MULTICOPTER mode. The wonderful and cheerful people at the hobby shop helped my dad and I find the required parts for his planes & helicopter needed and got them fixed without any trouble. For powering mid-size aircraft efficiently and economically, the GGT10 is the ideal choice for .40 class aircraft. What my friends saying is true, "Singapore Hobby Supplies is the best and the most reliable Shop in Asia". Уже есть красные на 130 и 85 литров, эта окончательно закроет вопрос с дорожными сумками.КУПЛЕНО12. Three-quarters of lights grounded, runways closed at London Heathrow and Gatwick airports because of snow. Идея поста честно взята у cahek_mb (который кстати сейчас ищет попутчиков на майские праздники на неплохой маршрут).
Our Hobby group here is quite small in size but do recommend your shop to everybody who is interested. The first high voltage controller to come out of the Castle factory with a built-in BEC deserves nothing but the biggest BEC we could muster. This package also include a 2800mAH lithium battery pack and charger for the Futaba 10J radio.

Мне видится, что их нужно вешать на порог, на экспедиционный багажник и на кунг (кстати возможно со штангой). The new YS 170DZ CDI Engine employs a new and improved capacitor ignition system that dramtically improves performance. ZERO denotes that this engine is designed to run on nitromethane free fuel with the introduction of a high compression piston. Именно ближний, так дальний мне почти не нужен, хочу дополнительную заливку в зоне ближнего света. Castle Creations Talon HV120 ESC has the power in all the right places, and the looks to match. Во-первых ценой, во-вторых лампами H4 (унификация и взаимозаменяемость с головными фарами)6.
Many thanks to everyone at Singapore Hobbies, the EZ Mystic 90 arrived here in perfect condition.
YS DZ185 Zero CDi engine was developed for serious aerobatics competitions that offers an incredible 30cc of power! The reason for my email is a big thanks to you and your team as well as every one else involved that resolved our Phantom Vision issues. The 10J uses the Futaba T-FHSS 2.4G bidirectional communication system that can display the voltage of the battery.


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