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20 Апр. 2015 г.

Gopro hd helmet hero обзор

The tie-up helmet mount pad is great for those lids with air vents, and means you don't have to use up one of your four adhesive clips, but it does leave itself more open to loosening or coming undone, so a little bit of a trade off. Если вы ищите камеру для съемок в экстремальных условиях то можете остановить свои поиски и смело рассматривать GoPro HD Helmet HERO как камеру на все случаии жизни, а особенно вашего экстремального образа жизни. MountingAccessory-wise, the pivot arms are there to let you position the HD Hero 2 in a number of different positions, but they are somewhat fiddly, and limited in the number of angles. The head-mount makes you feel wonderfully self-conscious when you adorn it, like some sort of techno-miner, but it's fairly comfortable and practical, which is by far the most important thing here.
You have enough to get the camera extended, away from helmet obstructions, and change the mounting angle should you need to. The kit you get depends on which edition you buy, with three available at launch: Outdoor, Motorsports and Surf. As before, the adhesive clips cling to anything with vigor; because of this you have to be committed to whatever you are sticking it to. Так же есть возможность, делать и автоматическую фотосъемку, а это позволяет полностью освободить руки. For example, some jaggies are still noticeable at times, and white balance can be a little off on occasion, but all things considered, it generally puts in a solid performance.The videos below were taken in two very different light situations, but give you a good understanding of how well the camera might perform under different weather conditions. Hardware Once you unbox the Hero 2, you'll be greeted by many of the same accoutrements as before. The additional resolution settings and FOV options are more of a luxury than a necessity, but combined with the higher level of sharpness do give the device a more complete and professional feel. Not only will we discover how the new boy stands up against the camera it effectively usurps, we'll also see how it fares out in the field. Many people tend to think in pure numbers: megapixels, resolution and so on, but then forget that a lot of it really depends on the piece of glass the image is coming through. Now, you can add HD Hero 2 ($300) to the ever growing list of options now, as this is the latest (and they say greatest) incarnation to date. Камеру можно прикрепить к самым различным шлемам, начиная от велосипедного заканчивая шлемом для сноуборда. Performance under lower-light levels also seemed to have enjoyed a marked improvement.There are still times when you can sense that this is ultimately a click-and-go camera. В настоящие время, такая незаменимая вещь для Вашего планшета Google nexus как кожаный чехол, приобретает не только защитные функции, но и подчеркивает вашу индивидуальность. Fortunately you won't be expected to pay double price for all this extra spec, but more on that later. The first was shot on a cloudy winter day about an hour or two prior to sundown and it holds up pretty well.
Annoyingly, there is still no way of viewing what you've just shot until you either get home and upload it, or buy a the BacPac accessory at an extra cost. GoPro has been in the HD action sports and helmet cam game for some time now, with its Hero line proving a popular sight atop many a daredevil's lid.

The previous model suffered from not beeping loud enough to be heard over engine noise, and it's still the case with the Hero 2, meaning you aren't always sure it's shooting unless you can physically see it. The packaging is the same Perspex-crowned cardboard box, the camera pride of place, while all the accessories are tucked away down below. Last time we tested the Hero Original -- as it's now called -- against the Contour HD, but now we're pitting new against old, like for like, side by side. All very familiar if you own any GoPro gear, so much so that the new camera itself is almost identical too. The resolutions available are the same as on the HD Hero Original, just with more frame rate options and FOV angles (in a forthcoming firmware update), which expands the number of stylistic possibilities. We noticed that images were generally sharper, but this was most visible with more complex textures such as asphalt, grass and so on. We've been testing the Outdoor set, which is little more than a new name for what was previously known as the Helmet Hero.In the box are four adhesive mount clips, an elasticated head mount, a padded helmet mount, three pivot arms, a waterproof case, a non-waterproof case door (for better audio), a battery and of course the camera. Просматривая потом фотографии, даже удивляешься, что их сделал не фотограф, а простой человек. Audio still suffers dramatically when inside the waterproof case, and fares mildly better with the more sound-friendly door.The color balance between the two models is also notably distinct, with the HD Hero 2 reproducing much more authentic tones compared to the Original's slightly brasher levels. Pay close attention to the pavement, and you can see that at times definition of the asphalt isn't always crisp, but given the amount of movement this is forgivable. Likewise, the pivot arms are screwed in place, and the little plastic screw heads can be extremely difficult to loosen manually with weather beaten fingers, mercifully the caps have an exposed Philips-head screw, so you can get a screwdriver in to do the job when your fleshy digits fail. It's worth noting that the rocking back and forth is not due to the camera mount, but the rocking of the board it's attached to. Like its elder sibling, the front button controls power and cycles through menu options, while the top button selects, and of course, sets the camera rolling. Sudden movements such as this can make the resulting material a little unpleasant to watch, so it's worth bearing in mind when you consider your mount points. Once you're rolling the camera beeps and red LEDs on the front and top flash to let you know it's still going. Video qualityThe first thing you'll notice if you have the luxury of having both cameras is that the HD Hero 2 is noticeably clearer.
Outputting the video you shot is now possible over HDMI which usurps the component cable offered with the last generation, but you'll need the lead already, as it's not supplied in the box like previously. As a middle ground, if you have an iPad with a camera kit, the GoPro files play back just fine right off the bat.


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