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20 Июл. 2015 г.

Экшн камера xiaomi

However, in the March 2, Xiaomi launched its own sport action camera – Xiaomi Yi action camera to go into the action camera market this was also a big surprise. But at Rs 4,000, the Yi Action Camera may find a lot of buyers as most action cameras cost upwards of Rs 10,000 here. It was no surprise, as it offered enthusiasts one of the best entry level experiences at an unbeatable price. Although the Yi camera does not have a screen, it can connect with your phone using the WiFi function.
Compared with SJcam SJ4000 wifi camera, Xiaomi Yi action camera has a better spec but just as cheap. Luckily, it is quite easy to connect the Yi with your phone and the operation is fast and has a friendly GUI. You can use the software to connect with your phone and use it to see what your shooting or set some shooting modes of the Yi camera.
It is made of anti-freezing metal materials, so you won’t have to worry about low temperatures.
It is capable of shooting at 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second, which is higher than the GoPro Hero which can shoot at 1080p30 and 720p60 and comes with a 5MP sensor. At first sight, Xiaomi Yi action camera shows a fresh sense of its design (two color, white and green), and it looks like a very interesting product. That’s only slightly more than Chinese retail price, but just a fraction of the cost of an equivalent GoPro camera.The Xiaomi Yi Action camera weight in at only 72g, boasts a 16 mega-pixel Sony camera, WIFI, Bluetooth and can capture video, photos, time-lapse and photos while filming. Like any other Mi products’ box, Xiaomi Yi action camera has  environmentally friendly packaging. But the pixels of its Lens reach a surprising 16-megapixel, which is even higher than Gopro Hero 3.
Packaging accessories is actually very simple , except for the camera and Self- rod body(travel version only), in the standard package only the instructions and data lines are included. Although the Yi camera is being sold by Xiaomi, it has been made by its partner company Xiaoyi.

The Xiaomi Mi Pro Action Camera (or Yi Action Camera in China) comes in two editions – a Basic one with just the camera with a 16GB card, which costs CNY 399 or €56, and Travel edition which also packs a selfie kit for CNY 499 or €70. It has got a Sony’s back-illuminated 16-megapixel image sensor and Ambarella A7LS image processor. Although It cannot shoot 4K video and neither has image stabilization, perhaps something to look forward to in their next camera model. Currently the Xiaomi Mi Pro Action Camera is available in white and jungle green, but selling in China only. According to a blog entry on Xiaomi’s website, the Yi Action Camera has been announced in China for 399 Yuan ($64) which is approximately Rs 4,000. But you will have to buy a third-party water-proof casing since the Yi Action camera does not come bundled with one.
I can say that $64 is only a price from the Xiaomi official website, even Chinese customers can not buy at this price. Back in November last year, there were rumours floating around that Xiaomi had plans to release a GoPro style action camera.
In the back side, you can find the TF card slot, USB and HDMI port, pull down the lid on the back of Yi action camera. When you check the shooting screen via the smart phone display it can be little inconvenient. Quite expectedly Xiaomi is offering a dedicated waterproof case, which will allow you to submerge the Mi Pro Action Camera into up to 40 meters deep water.
UPDATE: Xiaomi released the iOS App in March so it is now compatible with both Android and Apple.


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