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20 Дек. 2014 г.

Экшн камера сони видео

At the bottom of the camera is another compartment which hides the various ports used for USB etc. With mounting the camera,it always has to be in the waterproof case. Attach Action Cam to your goggles or the supplied headband for hands-free, POV shooting of all your adventures. Canberra’s Alec Morse has upstaged older brother and reigning National Champion Zane, by taking his maiden Junior Max pole position and heat race win, with Zane qualifying second at this weekend's Round 4 of the Rotax Pro Tour in Warwick. Worry Free ShootingThis Waterproof Head Mount Kit allows you to attach your Action Cam to your goggles or simply around your head (when using supplied headband) to capture all your daring adventures.
The lens is very wide angled with two different field-of-view options: 120-degrees and 170-degrees, but 170 degree mode disables image stabilisation. Like GoPro, SONY also has a phone app that connects to the Action Cam with WiFi and lets you see both the live view and control the camera.
This was great as you can see, in real-time, where the camera is pointing, makes it foolproof to set -up the camera position and angle etc. We tried running it while the kart was on track, but it dropped out once the kart was 50 metres away. This is the steadiest of all the camera’s out there,walking around the pits the camera produces a stable shot even with the camera being hand held.
Sony has a long history with their “Steady Shot” technology and this shows with the Action Cam. The mounts and mounting system is where the camera differs from GoPro, the sony mounts are much bigger and beefier, in typical Japanese style, it’s built to last. This gives benefits including much better sound quality, but you would run the risk of damaging the lens.

Victorian Adam Lindstrom has dominated the DD2 final, taking a clear victory on his return to the category for the first time in 2015. The Sony Action Cam is Sony’s attempt at the personal action camera market,  but coming up against market leader GoPro they’ve had to come up with some good point of difference ideas to get people to convert. Easy-to-use menu system can only be accessed with the camera outside of the waterproof housing. Pressed metal tripod mount and latch on the bottom of the Sony Action Cam waterproof housing. Image quality was good,  as you can see in this video onboard Callum Walkers kart at the latest Pro Tour round,  i think the shaking you see is more to do with the mount being on the plastic Nassau panel, as they always tend to wobble over the bigger bumps.
On the side of the camera is an LCD screen of similar size to GoPro’s, and two control buttons.
The Action Cam also has GPS capabilities, with the ability to display speed, time etc on screen in your videos. The moments of shakiness in our test video are more due to the nassau panel wobbling around as they always tend to do, rather then the camera itself.
You can run the camera in the water proof case, or you can use sony’s mount adaptor and run the camera naked.


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