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16 Апр. 2015 г.

Action cam 4k x1000v

The Bottom Line Sony's X1000V offers power and performance in a package that goes head-to-head with the GoPro.
With an ultra-wide angle professional ZEISSВ® lens, you will increase your perspective (up to 170-degree viewing angle) while you venture out on breathtaking views of dynamic terrain to include ski slopes and mountain trails. For starters it's digital image stabilization, not optical, which essentially means that it's cropping the image a bit, which tends to reduce the quality. Because of the camera's LED placement there is still absolutely no way to tell whether the camera is rolling or not when it's pointed at you, which, come on guys! SteadyShotв„ў image stabilization has evolved to compensate for shake in different shooting scenarios to include different vibration frequencies from land sports to aerial shots on drones.
The sky looked too cartoony and unrealistic and my face looked like it had a serious sun burn (I didn't). The Action Cam is capable of shooting in 10 different shooting modes to create a diverse amount of looks to include 240p in high definition and 120p slow motion in FHD. Wind Reduction reduces noise and interference that is produced when wind passes over the microphone, giving you clearer, cleaner sound.
Design and operation simplicity are key: You can start recording by pressing the red-dot button on top, right out of the box. The remote connects via Wi-Fi, and while the initial pairing setup can be stubborn, and the connection isn’t always stable, we found it worked as designed.
On one full charge, we were able to get a couple days of on-and-off use; we were surprised by the standby power, when the camera turned on after a few days of not using it. As with all Sony Action Cams, the body is splash proof, but requires the included housing to make it waterproof; in our tests, the housing has always worked well.
I only shot in snow, and in a few different modes), it gives us a good early indication of what the camera can do. It also offers some features that the GoPro doesn't have, such as built-in GPS and digital image stabilization, as well as NFC for (theoretically) easy pairing with your phone. When you slow it down to 30fps, you get some very smooth 25-percent slow-motion (which is what you see in the video above). Splash proof body with universal tripod mountThe FDR-X1000V was built with a splash proof body (IPX4-class). Now your circle of friends and family can share the excitement in real time by simply logging in to Ustream from anywhere. This will help ensure you catch the most thrilling moments of your day without running out of space on your card. Its previous Action Cams have offered the same and the results have never been too impressive. But it’s an involved, sometimes frustrating process that requires numerous button pushes to scroll through menus (one wrong button push and you’re forced out of the menus); however, over time, we got so used to it that it does become intuitive. Sony's version is just much more versatile and useable, and it seems like the detail may be better, too. The included waterproof case has been upgraded to 32 feet, up from the woefully insufficient 16 feet on previous models, but it's still far behind the 131 feet for GoPro's included case. Also, we found in testing those earlier models that it didn't really make all that big of a difference. The 4K Action Cam X1000V costs $500 and is currently slated to ship the first week of March, 2015.
After shooting, I had the opportunity to plug the X1000V directly into a 55-inch 4K TV to check out my footage and, man, it looked pretty incredible. The Bad Menu response times when tweaking settings on the camera can be slow, while the lens casing gets smeary and droplets clings to the front when you shoot in and out of the water.
Sony’s 4K Action Cam is a capable POV camcorder that shoots great videos, but its size and price put it behind GoPro’s Hero4 Black. There's built-in image stabilization and the camera offers exposure compensation and white balance control. I was able to accomplish the same task on the Hero4 with just six, and it's far more intuitive. Adjusting the brightness and hue levels of your video will allow you to match the video shot from other cameras easily, providing a solid baseline for professional-looking movies.
Besides the camera, you’ll find a Micro USB cable, battery, waterproof case, attachment buckle (used for inserting the camera into a mount), flat adhesive mount, curved adhesive mount, and a starter guide. The caveat is that bit-rates are the video equivalent of megapixels for still cameras; it doesn't tell all of the story, but it's still important. Using the PlayMemories App is still the easier and quicker method, if you have smartphone pairing set up. For a POV camera, it produces good-looking photos and very smooth videos, and it’s easy to use.
Sony has had some solid cams that offered best-in-class audio, but they've always fallen just a bit short beating GoPro on image quality and ease of use. For both TVs and camcorders, 4K is the new premium feature to have, and Sony has the market covered on both ends. If you want to add the LiveView Remote—Sony's water-proof, wristable, Wi-Fi remote control with a color screen for framing and viewing footage—it'll be an extra $100.
This is just a a preview, not a review, so we've got a lot more testing to do before we can make a final judgment call, but things look very good so far. GoPro can only shoot at that speed in the narrow field of view which is generally fine when you're shooting someone else, but if I'm shooting back at myself, I just can't get enough of myself in the frame. Advanced manual control allows flexibility in movie expressionAdvanced manual control of settings such as white balance and AE shifting enable more pro-style movie shooting to meet diverse needs.

Advanced manual control of settings such as white balance and AE shifting enable more pro-style movie shooting to meet diverse needs. And while the performance is—for the the most part—on par with the GoPro competition, there are still serious downsides. Sony makes much of its built-in stabilization prowess, but we're just a tad skeptical on this front. Its flagship 4K Action Cam can not only shoot 4K videos, it will do it at a bitrate of 100 Mbps. You’ll definitely feel it if you put it in clothes pocket; it’s also a bit cumbersome when it’s mounted on your body.
There is just this tremendous amount of detail that comes through, and the images are sharp and clean. With a universal tripod screw mount on the body of the Action Cam itself, you can easily attach the camera directly to a tripod.
They'll run you about $50 for a 64GB card, which isn't too bad, but it's going to be a lot harder to find them in stores when you need an extra card or two in the go.
Also, the lens cover on the waterproof case is round and plastic (versus flat and glass on the GoPro) which I found attracts water droplets much more.
Part of the reason this high-level of detail is possible is that the X1000V uses a codec that shoots at bit-rates up to 100Mbps.
SteadyShotВ® image stabilization with Active Mode compensates for greater degrees of camera shake. I also had a lot of issues using the new Sony Play Memories app on my Android phone, but it was a pre-release version, so we'll hold out hopes that they get it worked out by launch. I was also very impressed with the 1080p at 120fps mode, which is generally more useful for everyone who doesn't have a 4K display (which is the vast majority of people) . This week Sony brought me out to Crested Butte, CO to get some hands-on time with the company's forthcoming flagship, the 4K Action Cam X1000V.
It's been a hard fight for Sony (and everyone else) who is trying to get a slice of that action camera pie GoPro is so effectively hogging. It’s the same lens used in other Sony Action Cams, but with a minimum focus distance of almost 20 inches, compared to nearly 12 inches in the others; you can’t get as close-up if you want things in focus. But at $500, it competes directly with GoPro’s Hero4 Black, a smaller camera that’s loaded with features.
For our review, Sony provided the optional Live-View Remote, a wrist-worn color display that lets you view what the camera see.
Enjoy carefree use of the Action Cam outside of its included housing3, even in rainy weather or splash-prone situations.
Besides the record button, there are very controls: a hold switch, and two buttons that handle on-screen navigation (pushing both together turns on and off Wi-Fi). Compared to the Action Cam Mini we last looked at, it feels bulky in the hand, like the size of an old-school beeper. Sony offers plenty of optional accessories and mounts, but the tripod screw allows you to use your existing tripods. Sony's last version topped out at 50Mbps and the Hero4 Black can only go to 60Mbps, so for context: That's a lot.
The clips in the video above were shot in 4K at 30 frames per second, 1080p at 120fps, and 720p at 240fps. Built-in stereo mic for quality sound with wind noise reductionA built-in stereo microphone allows you to capture all the exciting sounds of your adventure with sense of direction.
Whereas the LCD in the Action Cam Mini is mostly useless, the 4K Action Cam’s display has more info.
Turn compatible smart phones1 and tablets in to remote control viewing devices via Wi-FiВ® with One Touch Near Field Communication (NFC). This is probably my current favorite mode for action cameras—just because it's so flexible—and it looks like Sony had done a great job with it.
A built-in stereo microphone allows you to capture all the exciting sounds of your adventure with sense of direction. Automatically creates highlight video in MP4 from multiple clipsHighlight Movie Maker produces a short highlight movie clip to share and enjoy instantly.
The 4K Action Cam also has what Sony describes as full pixel readout without pixel binning, which improves image quality by reducing false coloring and jagged edges. No matter what interval you set your loop recording setting to previously recorded content on the card is protected. Changing video modes and then frame rate, for example, takes a minimum of 17 clicks on the X1000V.
You’ll deplete the battery much faster when the camera is used continuously, of course, but you’ll get at least 2 hours if you’re shooting the lowest-setting Full HD with everything turned off (GPS, Wi-Fi, SteadyShot stabilization); expect less than an hour if you’re shooting higher resolutions.
In order to shoot in those high bit-rate modes you have to use a new, cutting-edge micro SD card. The 4K Action Cam retains the signature look Sony uses for all of its Action Cam models, but is noticeably larger and heavier than non-4K versions; moreso than the photos suggest. This remote is handy when you’re using the camera while engaged in some sort of activity, when using a smartphone isn’t feasible.


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