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20 Фев. 2015 г.

Экшн камера htc

The biggest new feature is the ability to allow friends to make further edits to content you’ve posted. An HTC app will let users control the RE remotely from both Android and iOS devices as well as transfer images and video.
The challenge, then, is convincing enough people that they want to devote separate pocket space to a second camera, and it may only be when the streaming functionality gets fleshed out that the HTC RE truly shows its worth. The RE will be available in the US at $199, “in time for the holidays,” according to new HTC America President Jason Mackenzie.
HTC is in the midst of a three-year decline in revenue, with low-cost phones from Chinese manufacturers stalling growth among the company’s more moderately priced phones. While it’s unique shape is designed for one-handed operation, several mounts will be available for the camera as well. At two hundred bucks it's no small amount of money for an action camera, falling in-between Polaroid's toy-like $99 Cube and the $150+ more you'll spend on a GoPro. Even cleverer is the power extension bar, which doubles as a regular portable battery or, with the USB cap removed, screws onto the bottom of the RE and juices it directly.
The HTC Desire Eye is the Taiwanese company’s latest bid to woo customers from Apple and Samsung. There's nothing here to confirm rumors that the camera will have a 16-megapixel sensor and wireless networking, but you'll only have to wait a couple of weeks to get the full scoop. The companion app does a solid job of ironing out the fish-eye effect of the ultra-wide-angle lens, too. A g-sensor automatically figures out which way up you're holding it, and flips the final footage accordingly.
Availability elsewhere will follow on after that; pricing for the range of accessories is yet to be confirmed. In all other respects, the Desire Eye falls in between the company’s flagship One M8 and the midrange Desire 816. Of all the things you'd think could save HTC's fortunes, an action camera which looks like a tiny submarine periscope probably isn't the first thing to jump to mind, but the company's hopes are high for the HTC RE. The company has posted both a RECamera teaser site and a video (below) which not-so-subtly hint that the adventure-oriented shooter should launch on October 8th, the same day as HTC's "Double Exposure" media event. None have come close, however, and there’s little in HTC’s recent track record to suggest it will fare any better. HTC says the non-removable 820 mAh battery is good for up to 1 hour and 40 minutes of Full HD video recording or 1,200 16-megapixel stills; based on my early use, I think 1 hour 25 minutes at most is a more realistic estimate. The battery of the RE is 820mAh and can take 1,200 16MP photos or 1 hour and 40 minutes of 1080p footage. On board there’s a large shutter button, which captures shots on short press and videos on press and hold. HTC insists to me that the RE isn't a direct GoPro competitor, but like the popular action camera there are a wide range of accessories and mounts to suit sports and other purposes. It's about what you could expect from a fixed-focus lens, namely on a par for a point-and-shoot but unlikely to challenge anything more serious. The twisted shape fits the hand neatly, with a grip sensor automatically powering the RE on. The other hardware announced is the HTC RE, periscope-shaped action cam that captures 16MP still images and 1080 video.
HTC has built in support for its Zoe app - available for Android now, and for iPhone later in the year - which will automagically curate highlight videos from stills and footage recorded with RE, and then upload them all into the cloud. Touting the Desire Eye as a phone well-suited for selfies, HTC VP Jonah Becker listed new software features that include an auto timer mode, voice-activated shutter, and the ability to allow simultaneous video capture from both front and rear cameras. It's a pretty comprehensive range of accessories, though it might be the power add-ons that you find yourself reaching for most often, I fear.

While there aren't many giveaways in the clip, it shows both a swimming pool dive and a wide-angle lens -- this is undoubtedly a waterproof device meant to take on the likes of GoPro.
The RE uses a lens with a 146 degree field of view, a necessity since there’s no viewfinder to check your composition. The question of course, is if consumers really have “take better selfies” on their want list when shopping for a phone. If you want to actually review any of the footage, you'll need to turn to your smartphone or tablet though. One of them is a clip-on and the other is a suction cup which allows you to place it on your dashboard.
The stubby WiFi-enabled camera borrows ideas both from smartphone photography and more specialist shooters like GoPro, with a 16-megapixel sensor, Full HD video recording, and automatic clip curation using HTC Zoe. And since it’s an action camera, the RE is IP57 dust and water resistant (you can optionally bump the certification to IPx8 with an accessory cap).
Face tracking in the front camera allows the subject to remain in focus while moving around the frame, and there’s the option to share your screen view during a video chat, letting you show off images in your photo library during the chat, for example. The HTC Desire Eye features a 13MP sensor and dual flash on both the front and rear of the phone.
Unfortunately a corrupted memory card means I can't share my samples now, but we'll have more for the full RE review. Users can record slow motion video at 120fps at 720 resolution in addition to time-lapse videos.
The RE will be available in the US by the end of October with more markets following later on and the price tag it is carrying is $199. A desktop charging station - with a flared base to keep it extra-stable - is one option, plugging into the microUSB port on the bottom of the camera. Forbes writers have the ability to call out member comments they find particularly interesting.
Water and dust proof, too, to IP57, as well as meeting IPx7 for the body and IPx8 if you put on the cap.
The latter two are used to connect the RE with your smartphone so that you can share and sync photos and videos. The phone’s unique feature though is that the front-facing camera delivers 13MP images and offers a dual tone flash, the same specs found on the rear camera. By launching an action camera, HTC joins a number of competitors all trying to replicate the success of GoPro, which has sold about 8.5 million go-anywhere video cameras. While HTC has garnered critical praise for flagship smartphones like the One M8, customers have been slow to abandon high-end phones from market leaders Apple Apple and Samsung.
HTC also announced that their Zoe content sharing app has moved out of Beta and is available in Google's Google's Play store.
Most curious of all, it's not just for HTC's own phones: the RE will work with Android devices and iPhones in general. An iOS version is going to be released as well, “later this year,” says HTC’s Drew Bramford, VP of Creative Labs. Clearly aiming at the market led by GoPro, the RE actually seems to draw from the once-popular Flip camera whose simplicity of use targeted camera novices. You can check out how the HTC RE performs as well as our initial impressions of the action camera in our extensive hands-on.


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